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If I had the money

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    We've probably all dreamt at one time or another about what you would do if you had all the money that you ever wanted. I think that this would fun - buy the http://graydesign.se/" and get a free car.

    So, what would you do if you had enough money?
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    Obviously not a fan of the "well lived life is the best revenge" philosophy
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    I would buy a ski-boat...and ski
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    Right. Some people think revenge is the best revenge.
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    Buy several hundred acres of land, build a hobbit hole-ish style home in more or less the center of it. Spend my time growing crops, brewing ales, smoking southfarthing pipe-weed, and all the while ignoring the world.

    Investments will take care of income, so wouldn't need to work for income, but I'd work the land and do as I please.
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    Sorry! I'm too busy (to enjoy my life) to post here!:biggrin:

    going to trips around the world, buying a house and I guess I try to help sick and poor people. Who knows? Maybe spending that on researchs on incurable diseases

    And it never accurs to them : 2 wrongs don't make a right!:rolleyes:
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    If I had an infinite supply of money, I'd hire some slaves to go to my job instead of me having to wake up so early to go.
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    Buy an island or two.
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    I'd buy all the land around one of my favorite trout ponds and build a modest lodge out there as a permanent residence. I'd still garden and split firewood, etc, but I'd have the opportunity to take a quick dip and do a bit of fly-fishing after getting sweaty.
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    But 3 rights make a left.
    I'm living the life now, not waiting for money.
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    I'd by a gymnasium and set up a ping pong arena. Then I'd get a high quality sound system and Lamborghini.
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    I'd buy a penguin.
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    You'd also need a nice cool aquarium/habitat and a bunch of penguin buddies. Penguins are quite social critters and would not appreciate isolation.
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    Honestly? Nothing in particular. Buy a ton of collectible figures and novelty toys, maybe? I'd get a nice estate and a fair amount of land, and some nice high-tech equipment in my home. A nice car, too. Other than that, there's nothing I really long for that I can't get by normal means.
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    I wouldn't touch it, things that are worth something are mostly free and the rest is only fun when you have made the achievement yourself. I have a ton of money saved up that I don't touch since there isn't anything I want to spend it on.
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    If I had the money...

    solar panels for everyone, and gravity research
  19. Jun 10, 2010 #18
    I would finish getting my pilots licence and then either buy, build, or restore a Spitfire...those planes are works of beauty.

    I would also spend some time attaching buttered bread onto the backs of cats and sell them as anti-gravity devices.
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    Ivan Seeking

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    I'd buy Tsu and I an Su-37, and an F-22, along with personal training pilots.

    I flew Air Combat once and had the time of my life - literally. It easily rates as one of the top five experiences of my life. I hope to fly a fighter jet before I'm too old, through Incredible Adventures, or a similar company. Some dreams are within reach without first getting rich [or joining the military!].

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    Only reason I like money is because it is scarce. Had I have too much money, everything would become invaluable, I might move to a cave. :rofl:
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