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If I have a question about a field I am researching is it ok to contact anyone who specialises in

  1. Oct 16, 2014 #1
    ... the subject by email?

    I'm currently researching sonoluminescence and I'm stuck on one particular thing, would it be ok to search the internet for someone researching in the field and email them?
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    The best thing is to first meet them personally at some conference or something. Then you can always start with "Hello, we met at the local conference, I have a question regarding your research". But I would start looking for someone within your own organization, or find someone that knows someone. You can also look for published papers in your field of interest and contact the author, using "I read your paper" as an introduction. I also think it's best to be as to-the-point as possible.
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    I have had people contact me out of the blue based on my papers. And I have done the same. So I think it's fine.

    You may not always get a response though.
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    Vanadium 50

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    Are you asking about the paper? Or about something general in the field? I think the former will be received better than the latter.
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    Definitely true about the papers, however if there's no harm done I don't see why not doing either. Most researchers love to talk about their research.
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    Thats great, thanks for the helpful responses!
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