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If I have an A.A. Degree

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    If I have an Associates in arts degree, do I have to take the SAT/ACT to transfer into any university in any American state? Also, I have student loans and if I transfer to another university outside of my state(Florida), does it effect my student loans?
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    Most American universities don't require the SAT or ACT if you're a transfer, but a few do. I transfered to the University of Washington from a CC and had to take it. You'll have to check with the specific university that you're interested in, to learn what the requirements are.

    If you aren't sure yet what school you will attend, you might want to take one of the tests now (if you can afford it), just in case. That way if it turns out you need it, you won't have to scramble.

    I don't think your loans will be affected by transferring.
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