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If i take Physics as a major

  1. Oct 13, 2006 #1
    hello everyone

    I was just wondering,
    if i want to take physics or maths as my major degrees in the future , what subjects are a must in pre-u
    what other subjects will be great help to me for doing so.

    Thank you.

    ~innocentyy confusious~:redface:
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    Take as much math and physics as possible. Also take any advanced-placement classes that are required at universities but are outside of physics and math. That way you can have them out of the way and can focus on physics and math.
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    I little bit of programming wouldn't hurt either.
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    what do you mean by advanced-placement classes?

    for example....!?
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    If you are still in high school, advanced placement courses are courses which count towards university credit ( I think, they are not offered at my school :( ) Do a google search for advanced placement USA or Canada or w/e, you'll find all the info you need. At your school people may call them AP courses.
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    I'm not sure what they call these AP subjects in malaysia(where i'm from).

    but i'll try finding out.
    anyway, can u pls mentions a few examples of these ap courses....maybe i will know roughly what it is about.

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    I am not sure as to whether or not AP courses are offered in schools in Malaysia. Basically an advanced placement course is a course for students whom want to challenge themselves with university level (supposed, many university students I know say that the university level stuff is much more advanced) courses while still going to high school.

    For a simple comparison. High schools in Canada offer two calculus courses, regular calculus, and calculus AP. In the regular calculus course you will get the main ideas of calculus and the focus is on the digestion of the main concepts. In Advanced Placement calculus, more time is spent learning the small details of calculus, such as rules that you don't learn in the normal calculus class.

    I THINK that universities in Canada/USA accept credits earned in advanced placement high school courses towards their university degrees since the material covered is supposedly university level. ( can someone confirm this please )

    I would suggest you talk to your school counsellor or principal and ask what courses you will need.

    In my oppinion the only subjects you NEED to learn physics is physics and math! So as WMGoBuffs said, focus on those two, take the time to understand all of the concepts in those courses. Ask your principal if there are any "advanced placement" courses offered at the school, and if not, don't worry about it.
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    What specific subjects are available for you to take, at your current level?

    As you've probably already guessed, there is potential for confusion because educational systems are different in Malaysia versus the USA versus other countries. So you need to be as explicit as you can, about your current situation and what your possible courses are. Most people reading this thread don't know anything about schools in Malaysia.
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    here we have our stpm
    --which is equilvilent to GCE a-levels
    and offers
    * General Studies
    * Malay language
    *Chinese language
    * Tamil language
    *Arabic language
    * Literature in English
    * Literature in Malay
    * (History)
    * (Geography)
    * (Business studies)
    * (Accountancy)
    * Mathematics S (may not be taken with Mathematics T)
    * Mathematics T (may not be taken with Mathematics S)
    * Further Mathematics T (may only be taken with Mathematics T)
    * Computing (may only be taken at certain schools)
    * Physics
    * Chemistry
    * Biology
    * (Sport science)
    * (Visual art)
    for more info pls check this site out

    we can also take a-levels(cambraidge or london)

    then we have many different types of matriculations---
    Australian NSW Board of Studies Higher School Certificate
    Canadian matriculation programme
    or even American High School Diploma

    and that is all ---i think--- :rolleyes:
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    I really would suggest that you ask a school counsellor or principal in your area. Not because I don't want to help you, but because any help you get here *could* be wrong, inlcuding information from me, of course. If you don't have access to a principal/counsellor, contact a local university and I would guess that they will be glad to help you :)
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    I've found the courses such as General Humanties, Arts, and Sciences are the classes you take to lighten your load each semester.

    I've found alot of people who have taken the AP courses in highschool Arts/Humanties/General Sci now don't have any courses that are easy but strictly core courses which is fun but very time consuming and somtimes requires more time than you have to give. So keep that in mind.
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    anyways, thanks checkfate.

    in any of these courses , is till have to take 4 subjects
    well for science students....

    its compulsory to take
    *general studies
    *any further/add maths
    and a combo of

    *phy n chem or *bio n chem
    so i would certainly take phy and chem

    so i was wondering whether it would be better i take
    computing or another math subject as my 5th.

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