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News If Kerry wins

  1. Mar 15, 2004 #1
    If Kerry wins....

    that will mean no Hillary until 2012, or ever.
    Hrrrmm, Bush now, and probably Hillary later. Or Kerry now, and hope for a good Republican in 2008. HRrmmmm.....
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    Is this an idiotic "we hate Hillary" thread, or do you have a point? I'm guessing you have some sort of point, silly though it may be, so get to it already. Senator Clinton is at least as qualified as Bush to be president, after all, the difference being that she has actually succeeded at a thing or two without her daddy buying it for her.
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    Simply a thought. Perhaps I would vote for Kerry, Vote for right winged congress, and hope it's enough push for a GOP leader in 2008. My point is, is 4 more years of Bush worth the trade off of Mrs. Clinton (whose policies, as you already know, I despise far more than I do Mr. Kerry's)
    Just meandering about. A little mindless political strategy rambling :wink:Perhaps some republican congressman are thinking the same thing right now.
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    You don't want a Repugnican president and Congress at the same time...look at the sorry state the country is in right now, if you want proof of that. Democrat presidents have always been responsible for economic growth and national defense in this country. Why would you want four more years of a lifelong failure?
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    Are we talking about President Carter here?
  7. Mar 16, 2004 #6
    No, I don't. I want a fiscally conservative president and congress.
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    That would require voting for another Clinton, frankly.
  9. Mar 16, 2004 #8
    Everyone BUT Carter, actually, but Carter is an interesting case to look at, because he was probably one of the best human beings to ever serve as president...and we see where that got him.
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    Does Hilary actually stand a chance if she runs?? I find that quite hard to believe even though she may have good credentials. If a woman was to be president, I don't think she has the "it" factor to pull it off.
  11. Mar 16, 2004 #10
    If Bush wins 2004, she's a shoe in for 2008, unless Colin Powell runs. Then he'd end up taking all of the moderate vote and the black vote that the dems traditionally count on.

    Another option, wacky as can be, would be a Bush/Rice ticket. Then let condolezza and hillary run off in 2008.

    I would still like to see Mr. Powell as president.
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    Yes, she has a very good chance. Though she may be the most divisive candidate in history, those who like her like her a lot. That equals money and money is a lot of how you win the presidency. [/cynicism]
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