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If LHC does not see SUSY-partners, would these falsify SUSY as an explanation for hie

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    If LHC does not see SUSY-partners, of course, this null result would not falsify all SUSY theories, as some SUSY theories could still be realized in nature at a breaking scale some point above 1 TEV, but would a null result falsify SUSY theories that serve as an explanation for hierarchy of the Higgs against quadratic radiative corrections, and falsify the idea SUSY serves to enforce Gauge Coupling Unification?

    In otherwords, if SUSY-partners are not found within LHC energies, would these mean there must be some other explanation for the hierarchy problem, and possibly that there is no gauge coupling unification?

    How much bounds does not finding a light higgs at Fermilab place on finding SUSY-partners at LHC?

    Also how likely will there be evidence of higher dimensions at LHC, according to string theory?
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    These are good question, which I also would like to know the answer to.
    I know string theory only on a popular level but I will risk an answer to the last question:
    String theory with its 10^500 vacua does, at the current stage, not seriously allow to assign any probability to large extra dimensions. There is just such a huge gap between the distance scale the LHC can probe and the planck scale.
    Anything can happen.
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    If there is a null result there is nothing to work with. All we get is a year of "parameter adjustments" to make everything fit like a glove again, in other words further meaningless mathematical manipulation of vapor.

    Now if something is found then it would be interesting. :smile:
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