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If light enters a new medium perpendicularly

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    How will it bend? Or will it not bend at all?
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    what would snell's law imply? :wink:
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    i dont know :/
    lets say it goes from glass to air
    1.5 = sin(theta)

    but what does that say about theta?
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    Hint, the correct equation for Snell's Law is:

    [tex] n_{1} sin(\theta_1) = n_{2} sin(\theta_2) [/tex]

    Where [itex]\theta_1[/itex] and [itex]\theta_2[/itex] are the angle from the normal.

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    James R

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    Looks like you should have a sin(zero) factor in there.
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    From a physical point of view. If the medium is isotropic, why would the light bend in any particular preferred direction? Suppose it bend to the right from on standpoint. If you stand on the other side of the medium it would turn left while the physical situation is identical.
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