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If light were instantaneous

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    How would our present universe appear to us if light and gravity were either instantaneous since the big bang, or gradually so, marked by relatively recent events?
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    Then we would have not used the term " from place A to place B" , because everything would be instantaneous, a phenomena at one place could be seen simultaneously by different observers.

    The amount of Gravitational field at one place would remain same due to a particular source , The earth would rotate in the same exact orbit as before but the light from sun would not take more than 8 minutes to reach us but it would be an instantaneous process and the change in gravitational field around us would be instantaneous , there would be rapid change in fields around us .

    If the sun would have lost itself somewhere , the gravitational attraction due to sun would dimnish immediately, the same instant the sun loses itself , the same instant we would lose the orbit .

    Ofcourse the days would be longer , we would be able to spot the sun 8 minutes before, and maybe a bit more earlier.

    Special Relativity would not have been important at all , the 'cause' and 'effect' would take place simultaneously.Travelling at speed of light would not have been controversial ,

    SETI people would feel a sigh of relief , as sending mesages to other civilations would not have been that difficult , the limitations of radiowave-instruments as a message transfer device would not have been a problem.
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    We wouldn't be able to study galaxies that formed shortly after the big bang. More galaxies would look like the Milky Way. We wouldn't have a clue as to the age of the universe. And when you talked on the phone to people overseas, that annoying 1/4 - 1/2 second lag would be gone.
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    You might want to think this one through a bit. :rolleyes:
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    If the universe is infinite, then the night sky would be as bright as the surface of the sun.

    We would have no knowledge of the past history of the universe.
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