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If marijuana were to become legal in the United States, would more people use it?

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    Would more people use marijuana? Would some people start using more frequently? Would prices go up or down?

    I don't know the answers. I think there would be some people who would now start using without worry of the law.

    However, there would also be some people who now view it as far less exciting. Among young people, breaking the law is often a thrill, and just the act of breaking the law can make things more exciting. If it were legal to use, the "badass" element would be removed (yes, among high schoolers it can be viewed this way), and it could be viewed as just a time wasting activity.

    What do you guys think?
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    why do you care?

    I'm confident that more people would use it if it were legal
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    It's becoming a bigger and bigger issue.

    Lots of people I know use it.

    There's a lot of money involved.

    The legality of drugs in the US has a huge bearing of quality of life in many South/Central American countries.
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    Probably but not a significant amount.

    If people wanted to use it they'd use it, it isn't as if it's impossible to get a hold of and the people who want to use it but don't because they're scared of the punishments are, I'm guessing, in the minority.
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    We just had a lengthy thread on legalizing marijuana.
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