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If matter is positive energy,and spacetime is charged with positive energy

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    If matter is positive energy,and spacetime is charged with positive energy from the matters energy that collapsed into a blackhole,gravity would attract energy from spacetime.matter could use this energy to produce electromagnetic field.this would also mean that gravity is not a force that acts between to bodies of mass but the energy in spacetime around the mass itself.instead of a masses gravity attracting a smaller body of mass to it,it would be pulling energy toward it from spacetime creating current of energy flowing pasted the other mass.the smaller mass is gravitationally attracted to spacetime itself too.so the smaller masses attraction to the flow of energy being drawn in by the bigger mass will begin to move it toward it.same on earth.your not attracted to to earth itself.when you jump in the air.your attraction to the motion of spacetime energy travelling toward the earth pulls you back down.thus relativity is satified.
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    so if gravity is not a force that acts between to bodies of mass,only spacetime.the curviture of spacetime around a mass is because the mass is just a big super energy magnet sucking energy toward it at a constant rate.so spacetime is curved by the pulling of the energy in.this makes time slow down,because spacetime is depleated of energy in local areas,until the energy fills back in from farther away.so like i said the smaller mass like the earth to the sun,is mutually attracted to the motion of spacetime around it,but at these distances does'nt have the ability to force it into motion.because its the masses gravity,the charge of spacetime that energy is attracted to,plus the motion of the energy itself,that have to be taken into account.so the motion of the planets is caused by the spiralling motion of spacetime energy moving around the planet,spinning it like a top into motion,making it spin on its axis and around the sun at the same time!
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    this could also account for the dark matter problem.stars at the outer rim of a galaxy move faster do to its gravity attracting spacetime energy in motion,more strongly the bigger they are.this makes them accelerate faster in the begining when the center mass of the galaxy begin spinning.plus the motion of the planets are kept at there speed based on the spin of the sun,if it increase the planets would speed up.but that really would'nt happen because the sun spin would have to accelerate faster than you'd think to ever effect to earth.but the theories sound!so basically the planets motion was started by the suns spin,but after the planets began moving,the planets motion,and the suns spin are together keeping the planets in their orbits.
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    the only thing that I have'nt thought of is how you get gravity or electromagnetic fields to begin rotating in a planet,sun or blackhole.or a particle.when i have this answer it will work with the rest of the idea.because matters ability to start spining by itself is necessary to make spacetime energy start moving to attract another mass into motion!
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    this would also mean that when matter attracts another mass,unless the speed of the mass in motion impacts the other one causing destruction,what normally should happen is that they get close to each other,both there mutual gravitation fields add to each other and become one field,the two masses touch and become one,and would naturally try to rebalance there shape as there by the attraction of spacetime energy behind each mass,when forward attraction is lost,when there is no longer any spacetime energy between them to pull them closer.
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    I'm completely baffled. The Sun's spin determining the planets spin seems to make sense though, or you could say the bulk of the pre solar system gas cloud that would become the Sun was spinning a certain way and affected the spin of the lesser of the stuff.
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    yeah.spacetime energy would be forced into motion by the rotating sun.dragging it along with it,in a circle.as the spacetime energy in motion passes by the stationary planet.the planets gravitational attraction to the moving energy pulls it into motion.it would be like a black holes,the way the energy moves.in a circle falling toward the sun,as its dragged with the sun gravity.since at the distances the planets are from the sun.the planets attraction to the energy moving passed it toward the sun is not strong enough to pull the planets closer.also once the planets are accelerated to to max speed by it attraction to the sun force spacetime energy into motion.only when the sun speeds up should it make the planets move faster.but if the sun slows down.the planets already have the energy they had keeping them at the same speed.so it probable would'nt happen but you never know.
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    I don't get it.
    It sounds like General Relativity to me,
    what do electromagnetism and gravity have in common? How are they different?
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    well what i think might be happening is that a paricle in positive energy entrapped by a anti energy field around it.sorta like a anti gravity containment field.so there are both energies present.so gravity is a property of positive energy.it attract positve energy from spacetime.as it pulls it in it converts it into anti energy which is electromagnetic fields themself.because matter can take on energy or it will gain mass violating energy conservation.so its converted into anti energy and send back out.using the outer field to do it.then when this happens the anti energy field or photons which are the same thing.hit other partilce or atom.the anti field of the other particle absorb the anti energy,charging its outer shell.then repels against spacetime.
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