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If money won't make you happy

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    Then what's the point in going to college?
    I mean obviously you need to support yourself and I know for sure if I don't finish my degree I won't be able to... it's just that... I thought the whole point in furthering your education as much as you can was just that... to make yourself more competitive, get a better job and make more money...

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    College isn't about money, it's about furthering your education. Do studies show you can get a better job with a college degree? Yup. Should you be going to college just so you can get a better job? No. They have trade schools for that.

    If you're going to college just to make money, just drop out and go become a plumber, look up how much a plumber make after being in the market for 5-7 years. Plus, plumbers are always in demand as society continually needs pipes fixed :), so there is that for job security.
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    Of course money can make you happy, that's not even the saying, which is, just a saying.

    Of course getting a degree gives you a competitive edge, which can result in a better job, and allow you to make more money.

    This thread is pointless. If you don't feel there is a point in staying in college, that's a decision you need to make, we can't know or fix what's going on inside your head.

    Stop and think about the alternative to getting a college degree. Being a dropout. You think that's going to improve your chances at being employed?
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