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If n = x(mod 10x+1) n,x>0

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    --> if n = x(mod 10x+1) n,x>0 (where = is symbol used in "congruence" not equality)

    then, is there a way to find some direct relation between n and x, in terms of some parameter?

    --> I have 9 more such equations and if i am able to solve either one i would be able to solve all of them.

    --> And this woud help me factorise any number without searching. But only if above congruence could be solved.

    what am I supposed to do to solve the congruence? Some modern mathematics?
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    Re: Congruence

    [itex]n=x\pmod{10x+1}\Longrightarrow n=x+k(10x+1)\,,\,\,k\in Z\Longrightarrow n=x(10k+1)+ k[/itex]...can you see any "direct" relation between n and x? Because beyond what the last equation shows, I can't.

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