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If neutrinos could form condensate, superfluid

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  1. Dec 16, 2009 #1
    If neutrinos could form condensate, superfluid, could this form the higgs field, dark energy, and/or, through string net condensation, dark matter particles?

    While neutrinos are spin 1/2 lepton fermions, and the Higgs field is mediated by a spin 0 boson, could 4 neutrinos condense create a field that dynamically breaks electroweak symmetry, and could the condensate also account for dark energy, and even dark matter (via string net or condense matter physics analogues)?

    Dynamical Electroweak Symmetry Breaking by a Neutrino Condensate
    Authors: Stefan Antusch, Joern Kersten, Manfred Lindner, Michael Ratz
    (Submitted on 25 Nov 2002 (v1), last revised 22 Apr 2003 (this version, v2))
    Abstract: We show that the electroweak symmetry can be broken in a natural and phenomenologically acceptable way by a neutrino condensate. Therefore, we assume as particle content only the chiral fermions and gauge bosons of the Standard Model and in addition right-handed neutrinos. A fundamental Higgs field is absent. We assume instead that new interactions exist that can effectively be described as four-fermion interactions and that can become critical in the neutrino sector. We discuss in detail the coupled Dirac-Majorana gap equations which lead to a neutrino condensate, electroweak symmetry breaking and via the dynamical see-saw mechanism to small neutrino masses. We show that the effective Lagrangian is that of the Standard Model with massive neutrinos and with a composite Higgs particle. The mass predictions are consistent with data.

    Today this came out on arxiv:
    A Theory of Neutrino Oscillations and Late Time Acceleration
    Stephon H.S. Alexander
    6 Pages, 1 figure
    (Submitted on 26 Nov 2009)
    "We provide a microphysical model that connects neutrino oscillations to dark energy, which has predictions of Lorentz and CPT violating neutrino oscillations. We argue that the DE is a BCS condensate of flavored neutrinos. As neutrinos propigate in their own condensate they naturally have oscillations proportional to the DE energy density. All that is assumed in this model is a covariant coupling of neutrinos to gravity and a finite number density of neutrinos in the cosmic rest frame; this situation yields an attractive channel for the formation of a spin zero neutrino condensate leading to late time acceleration self consistently. Moreover, the vacuum oscillation has two predictions: (1) CPT violating oscillations proportional to the DE density (2) A connection between the evolution of the equation of state of the DE condensate and the neutrino oscillations. These predictions can be probed independently with future Supernovae and Neutrino Telescopes."

    And also this came out: which suggests that somebody might have scooped somebody, or come very close to it.
    Stephon mentioned in the Perimeter talk that he thought he might have been scooped.

    Neutrino Condensate as Origin of Dark Energy
    Jitesh R. Bhatt, Bipin R. Desai, Ernest Ma, G. Rajasekaran, Utpal Sarkar
    5 pages
    (Submitted on 26 Nov 2009)
    "We propose a new solution to the origin of dark energy. We suggest that it was created dynamically from the condensate of a singlet neutrino at a late epoch of the early Universe through its effective self interaction. This singlet neutrino is also the Dirac partner of one of the three observed neutrinos, hence dark energy is related to neutrino mass. The onset of this condensate formation in the early Universe is also related to matter density and offers an explanation of the coincidence problem of why dark energy (70%) and total matter (30%) are comparable at the present time. We demonstrate this idea in a model of neutrino mass with (right-handed) singlet neutrinos and a singlet scalar."


    Emergent physics: Fermi point scenario
    Authors: G.E. Volovik
    (Submitted on 4 Jan 2008 (v1), last revised 31 Jan 2008 (this version, v5))
    Abstract: The Fermi-point scenario of emergent gravity has the following consequences: gravity emerges together with fermionic and bosonic matter; emergent fermionic matter consists of massless Weyl fermions; emergent bosonic matter consists of gauge fields; Lorentz symmetry persists well above the Planck energy; space-time is naturally 4-dimensional; Universe is naturally flat; cosmological constant is naturally small or zero; underlying physics is based on discrete symmetries; `quantum gravity' cannot be obtained by quantization of Einstein equations; there is no contradiction between quantum mechanics and gravity; etc.
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