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If neutrinos have mass

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    If neutrinos have mass, can "right-handed" and a "left-handed" change
    to eachother? Why we can only find left-handed ones?

    Thank you.
    Wang Yi
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    Hold on,the antineutrinos are very well "right-handed".I think it's safe to say that explaining preferential chirality of neutrinos (& their antiparticles) is still an enigma within the SM of particles & interactions.

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    Meir Achuz

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    It is true that a LT can change the helicity of a neutrino with mass (which is usually negative) to positive. The designation LH or RH for particles is used to describe their weak interaction [(V-A) or (V+A)]. In this sense, even a neutrino with mass is LH. The handedness of leptons and quarks is built into the group structure of the Standard Model.
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    I see. Thank you.
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