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If our sun were blue

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    If we lived around a blue colored sun, or one of any different color, how would we perceive our world? Neglecting the effects of humans evolving around our G2 sun, how would the color of the sky or anything else change if helios were not its current reddish tinge? As well as this, if we had evolved around a blue sun, and traveled to a planet around a red sun, would there be any difference in our optical surroundings?
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    Firstly I'm not one to comment on the optical distinctions but it is impossible for intelligent life to form around a Blue Star because they tend to go Supernova in approximately 500 millions years, an insufficient amount of time for life to evolve.
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    The light emitted by a blue star is not significantly different in spectrum from our own sun. A hypothetical creature evolving there might optically be slightly more sensitive to shorter wavelengths. The sky would be a little less blue to our eyes. The converse would be true on a planet orbiting a red star.
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