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If Speed of light was slower

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    if the speed of light were smaller than it is, shouldn't relativistic phenomena be less conspicuous than it is? the smaller the speed, the closer it should be to newton mechanics...
    however my textbook says that it shoud be more conspicuous...
    does anybody know what's wrong with my reasoning?
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    Well what is your reasoning?

    You seem to be mixing up the speed limit of something and somethings actual speed.
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    my reasoning is that relativistic phenomena should be less obvious if the speed of light were less than it is...
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    If the speed of light would be 10 000 m/s, the relativistic effects should be MORE obvious than they are now, because it would be easier to achieve relativistic speeds.
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    asdf1, thats a conclusion, not a reasoning
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    ok, i think i got messed up~
    thanks for correcting!!! :)
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    It should be "the smaller the speed relative to the speed of light, the closer it should be to newton mechanics"...and this way of stating it makes it clearer why the effects of relativity would be more conspicuous if the speed of light were lower (although as this page points out, the idea of changing a dimensionful constant like the speed of light may not be very meaningful).
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    thank you!!! :)
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