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If the Universe is Expanding

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    Im new here so please be kind :smile: .
    I just wondered, since we live in an "expanding" universe, why is my computer not moving away from me as i type this message? Light from most of the stars/galaxies in the sky is redshifted so they are moving away from me (or so im told), why not my computer? Is it because my computer is actually moving away from me, but just very slowly or have a completely missed the point and not understood the concept of an expanding universe (i think this is probobly the case).
    Just so you know how to guage your response, im an A Level student (UK) and im going to University this year to study Physics.

    Thanks for any help you can give me and remember im new so dont be too harsh when you tell me i dont have a clue about Physics :smile: .

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    Thankyou that has helped me loads.
    Sorry, i really should have searched before posting.

    Thanks for your response anyway :smile:
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    No prob. :smile:
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