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If there is God why there is such a difference between high and low Iq people?

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    i read the other guy's post "Do you think this guy in Iran would be name a genius if he was in USA or first world?" and two questions came to my mind,

    "why nearly everybody tries to relate success in science to IQ while there are people that don't have high Iq and they are success in science?",and

    "if there is God why there is such a difference between high and low Iq people?"

    I myself live in Iran and have an Iq of about 105 and it has been proved in several internet based or paper based tests,but i got my Bs in mechanical engineering from Amirkabir university,the third rank university of iran(after Sharif and Tehhran universities),and got my Msc from Sharif university of technology(it is the best university of Iran in most engineering fields and it is called as "MIT of Iran"),

    as you see i don't have a high Iq and i am not one those rich people that they go every where due to their much money (as the other guy mentioned i took Konkoor too),i finished my Bs and my Msc as 5th rank in Amirkabir and Sharif and without no doubt students that are in Sharif and Amirkabir mechanical engineering are among the most genius people of Iran(my personal experience has shown me at least 90 percent of them have Iqs of +130 and most of them +140) and i was an exception between them for having a low Iq,

    so i have been successful in my education but still there is one thing that really sucks,despite my good scores in final exams and despite a lot of try that i put on my projects because i didn't have a sharp mind i was criticized with some of my professors that "your place is not here,you should go to somewhere it's people are as intelligent as you" and in labs i couldn't finish the experiments as fast as other students and nearly in everything that had a little and limited time to do it like one hour labs(everytime in labs the professors came and gave a little and short explanation of the experiment,after their explanation other students started to do the experiment and they really did it good and fast but i really got confused and even didn't know where to start and while other students were finishing the experiment i was just in middle of it!) or pop quizzes i really sucked and i really had big fears and stresses from these time-limited subjects!and it really was a very bad experience for me to see
    "why they can and i can't",
    now because of lots of pressure and stress i had during my education i have really lost my belief to God,

    so if there is God why there is such a difference between high and low Iq people?
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    We do that because IQ is literally a measurement of your logical abilities. Science is mostly logic, so IQ and science are strongly related.

    If there is an AMD, why do we have great processors like the K8 and terrible processors like the K10?

    The high IQ people don't have a solid advantage at everything. Many geniuses are very strange because the same strange brain design and chemical balance responsible for intelligence also cause strange behavior. Isaac Newton was a complete ******* to everyone, Nikola Tesla was a weirdo, John Nash was schizophrenic, and Ed Witten seems a bit weird.
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    Vanadium 50

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    That reminds me...I have to hustle over to TheologyForums and ask a rabbi about the Hall effect.
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    Because IQ tests are not an accurate way to measure intelligence.
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    Don't worry about a test where they ask you if all wabbles are wuzzles and all wuzzles
    are wabbles or something like that. If your grades are good, you have a strong brain.
    You probably took a bad test.
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    Many possible answers could be given.

    Maybe there is no God, but that's not the assumption of your question.

    If you believe in both God and Natural Selection, then God needs variation of traits as part of his master plan.

    It you don't believe in Natural Selection, maybe God wants people to be different. Take any genius you know. Is that person suitable for all endeavors in life? Is he a great leader? Is he a capable warrior/soldier? Would he be an inspiring Imam/Priest/Rabbi? A great artist? Musician? Politician? Society needs all kinds of people.

    Maybe God wants to challenge you. There is a lot to be learned in a struggle; and, much to savor once you achieve your goal.

    Happiness is not necessarily tied to IQ. When your child greets you (now or in the future) will he give you a test, or just hug you and accept you as your are.

    Perhaps God will give you a test when your life is over. Do you think it will be an IQ test, or something more meaningful?

    Remember there is always someone smarter than you, or better looking than you, or stronger than you. Also, there are many more far worse off than you. If you had a 70 IQ, you would have no chance to follow your dream. But, you have all the capabilities to achieve your goals as long as you listen to yourself and your God, rather than the naysayers.
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    This thread will be locked and closed in 5-4-3-2........lol
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    I am going to ignore the God part of the question, as it is completely irrelevant to the problem (and is the reason why the thread will be locked sooner or later; hopefully not before I'll finish writing).

    As far as I konw (or have read) correlation between IQ and succes in science (no idea how it was measured though) was lower than correlation between ability to deferr gratification and success. So perhaps your IQ - as measured by IQ tests - is lower than IQ - as measured by IQ tests - of others, but you just know how to work hard to obtain your goals.

    I am on the other end of the scale - I am highly intelligent, but I am not able to defer gratification. I know a lot of people that are less inteligent than me, but are much more succesful. Nobodys perfect.
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    There are people who have quite low IQs that get their masters, PHD and there are high IQ people that work at mcdonalds. I don't believe its a flaw in the test, it's just that real world results have way more to do with your environment and how you manage your life and how much effort you put into life. If you have a high IQ and no motivation, a company isn't just going to walk up to you and say "here, be our CEO, you have a high IQ".

    As for the God thing... why do you assume there is a connection between IQ and the existence of God? If I lived in a world that everyone had the same true intelligence, I'd probably get to thinking there was no God! :rofl:
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    supposing a God renders empirical observation irrelevant
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    How would you know if you are intelligent or not? As with most everything, intelligence is only a relative term. And lastly, what has God to do with any of this(is this stemming from the quran?)?
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    God has off days.
    He also gets stoned occasionally - hence the Platypus
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    Math Is Hard

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    Asking about diversity in IQ scores isn't a bad topic for this forum, but asking what God has to do with it really isn't appropriate here. You should probably seek out someone who has expertise in the theology of your own religion.

    The bulk of your post seems to focus on problems with faith in yourself rather than problems with faith in God. I recommend watching Randy Pausch's "last lecture" on youtube for this. Pay close attention to what he says about "brick walls". :smile:

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