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News If there was a lot of proffiteering post 9/11

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    Thats Disgusting

    If I was an American citizen, I'd be outraged.
    Since I'm not, I say unquestioning Americans deserve to be ripped-off by their elected officials, and their bedfellows, big-business.

    I mean where do politicans go after retirement from the Admin?
    Straight into a cushy Corporate Board Poisition.
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    Personally I think the best thing the USA could do for itself is introduce compulsory voting, as we have here. Not that it stops our government screwing us over every way they can, but at least there is a small chance the Australian people will some day wake up and realise they have the capacity to end the two party system.
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    A conspiracy theory website tells us what of value?
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    Attacking the source, eh russ? What about the material itself?
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    Some news paper - Recent reports from mars says that a purple elephant is headed towards the sun. This elephant will block out the sun, causing an ELE (extinction level event). Some unnamed citizen speculates that this is a zionist conspiracy to attack muslims via a pacaderm!

    In other news, this article has as much credibility as the original posting, unless you believe that I, a lowly internet guy, can do better fact finding than all the newspaper of the world put together (including those that have a real reason to TRY to authenticate my article).
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    that part seems to be common sense. Hey, I remember 9/11/01, and there was a lot of short-selling of the stocks of the companies that occupied the WTC towers. It was reported shortly after the attacks, apparently by Saudi investors.
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    Russ is just trying to...

    get this thread locked. He has no rebuttals because even the mainstream media carried the story about the put options and the selling short. On another note (I will soon start the thread). The man that knew to much FBI agent John O'Neil was assigned to the WTC shortly before the attack. Conspiricy Theorist might think it strange that someone who knew what was going on, wasn't paid any attention and when he attempted to let so called responsible people know what he had found they marginalized him then placed him in harms way almost as if they knew what was to shortly happen. Adding to that, unasked questions that the 911 members should have asked Ashcroft 'Why were you warned not to use major airlines for travel around 911?' 'Who warned you?' 'Due to the warning, why wasn't the threat level increased or activity implemented to discover what was going on?'
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