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News If this keeps up, I will be voting for the dark side

  1. Jun 25, 2004 #1
    If this keeps up, I will be voting for the dark side....

    I support Bush in many aspects, especially in foreign policy (not particularly implementation of) - however, if the economy isn't doing something ridiculous by November, my pocket book will be making the vote for me.
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    Woohoo! Materialism strikes again!
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    Hardly. On just a personal level:

    money for me = school and supporting my family = attaining my goals

    money for the US economy = greater opportunity for me

    Stop your assumptions.
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    :bugeye: "One of us!" :bugeye:
    :bugeye:"One of us!" :bugeye:
    :bugeye:"One of us!" :bugeye:

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    a good economy is the root for peace
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    Why is it that we never see the right numbers the first time ? Not for the war expenditure...not for the medicare bill... not for the job growth projection figures...and now, not for the GDP growth and inflation numbers. And there's tremendous lobbying happening to push the "official date" for the start of the recession back into the Clinton years. I'm not so mad about that...but there does seem to be this enormous effort by the administration to make itself look good, by telling tales.

    Wonder what's going to happen when Greenspan takes the stage next ?

    Among all my reasons for not voting for Mr. Bush, the economic growth rate would be near the bottom. Way lower than the fiscal deficit. In fact, a fairly large chunk of the GDP growth comes out of Govt. spending.

    Ooops...just realized, I'm not American.
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    ...yet so many people still don't see Bush & Co. as part of "the dark side". :rolleyes:
  9. Jun 25, 2004 #8
    Because people like to use rhetoric like "Bush and Co.".
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    Let's not make this about estimates that turned sour. That happens across the board, in all governments. It sucks, I wish it weren't so, but there's no more to be said about it in this thread.

    The focus is on- the economy is not doing THAT well, and do you/I think that Bush is going to increase it at a faster pace than the competition.

    The fiscal deficit is on my mind, but the deficit and debt we can handle is in direct relation to our economy.
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    Tell your boy John Kerry to keep to the middle, and away from the left, and I'll vote for him.
    Fix the economy and knock out hillary's chances of ever running? I love it!
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    The left is currently spitting mad at Kerry for not waving their banners. They're trying to hang Gephardt on him as a Veep; won't happen. Looking forward to your vote for him.
  13. Jun 25, 2004 #12
    we'll see.
    i have promised myself I won't make my mind up until November 1.
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    i'm sorry, but i don't follow your use of the term "rhetoric." when i said "Bush and Co." it was with no attempt at persuasion; i was merely referring to Bush, his VP, cabinet, and other various appointees in an abbreviated manor. regardless, even when considering such and abbreviation to be rhetoric; by what reason would you let that keep you from seeing the "dark" nature of the current administration as exemplified in Gokul's post?
  15. Jun 25, 2004 #14

    Well, then I digress. "Bush and Co." is typically used on all the board I am on by the leftist groups to further link Bush to big corporations.
    The reason I specifically mentioned your post to you is you asked a question. If you refer to Bush as Bush and Co., you will have no luck 'converting' people to seeing things your way.

    Gokul was just fully off subject and changing the thread - as we are now. No hard feelings, but let's get back on topic.
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    I'm sorry I was so completely off subject.

    For a minute there, I thought that perhaps my post was not completely about the taste of bananas. After all, you had just told us that numbers were being revised downwards from from earlier "optimistic" projections, and that brought to mind 3 or 4 similar cases of just such behavior in the recent past. And since you shared with us the reasons for your support of Mr. Bush, and the reason why you might vote the other way, I thought it strange that that would perhaps be the near exact opposite of my behavior - and thought I might share that curious difference with all of you.
  17. Jun 25, 2004 #16

    This thread is ruined as is anyways.Summary: Hip hooray democrats, you guys might have a red guy voting with you in November.

  18. Jun 25, 2004 #17
    Not harming others is the root for peace.
  19. Jun 25, 2004 #18
    What don't you get about the word "materialism"?
  20. Jun 25, 2004 #19
    Absolutely nothing.Now, As usual Adam, get back on track.
    Nothing in my post says anything about material concerns. You do not know my goals, or know what my thoughts on opportunity are.back off.
  21. Jun 25, 2004 #20
    Pfft. This thread is 100% about your vote hinging on material concerns. That is what I am discussing.
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