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If we all locked ourselves in rooms

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    I was recently reading a book about quantum theory and it made me ask the following question... If every conscious creature locked themselves in their own rooms, would everything live forever? That is assuming no observer ever came to open the doors and noone ever came out.

    Even then... If one person opened someone else's door, would that only kill the two people? Or could they even open the doors? How could they open them if opening the doors killed them?
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    People exist in a macroscopic scale and quantum effects are negligable. So we can use our common sense in these situations and conclude that opening a door will not kill you or anybody else. You may be thinking of the cat paradox, but that is caused by the uncertainty of a quantum system which is set up in such a way that it can effect a macroscopic object like a cat, and there isn't any mechanism as such in this "lock ourselves in our rooms" senerio. Everyone will die if a sufficient ammount of time passes.
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    Ahh you are right. I see my error in logic.
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