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If we all were dead would it then be a now ?

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    If we all were dead would it then be a "now" ?

    Lets say, hopefully as a hypotetical example only, that due to a nuclear disaster or a war, all humans and all life were dead. There were no life left on earth.

    Would it then be left a "now", and would time be passing as it does for us now ?

    Lets say there were some life somwhere in the outher space with those small little green men, that desided to visit the planet.

    When they arrived, at what time would they arrive, would they arrive in 1853, 200 years bfc or in the year 3059 ?

    If those persons that arrived from the outher space, is it for sure that those green men would be present in the same "now" as we would be. Eventuelly, why would they not be present in some "future now" or some "past now".

    Why is it likely to believe that the time dimention for those small green men would be the equal as for humans, if they were living.

    Is there only one time dimension and only one "present now" ? Eventually, why is it like that ?

    What about an insect that live for just some hours will it have the same time dimention as us humans ? (And they are not from the outher space, they live together with us.)

    Could life in some way be connected to existence in time ?

    When people argue about that there is a huge number of planets that might have wather, carbon, oxygen, etc, so there is likely to expect that there is life somewhere in space, is it then any good arguments to claim that the right mixture of water, carbon and oxygen will lead to the existense of time, as we now it, or in some other "usable" time dimension ?

    Is there any good arguments to claim that to be as a human or some other "living thing" is not connected to do some existence in time ?

    Is there any good arguments to claim that there is only one way to be connected to time, and that any dead or living "thing" will be connected to the same "now" and the same time dimention as we are ?
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    If we use the time it takes for light to go through a set distance as our measure of time. If we compare it to that, yes, we are in the same time dimension. However, differences might be thinking time/instinct. But that is relative to each other and still relative to our measure of time.

    Note: Indeed, insects have a different lifespan to humans. But then again there is no need to use such an extreme example; some humans live to 70, some live to 72.

    We are all in the same time dimension. If we are not then you need to differentiate time dimension. "Time flies when you are having fun". "Ah, this is so boring, why is time going so slow!?"
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    according to relativity the following completely possible:
    I, an alien, am seconds away from earth orbit. I receive a radio/tv message and decode it to say talks have broken down between the US and Russia and war is likely to begin within days... I arrive in earth orbit and find a completely dead planet. My tools tell me that the war that ended all life took place approximate a hundred and fifty orbits of my star, which takes nearly the same time as an earth year.
    what happened?
    I was travelling very close to light speed and while time seemed normal to me, it was passing very rapidly on earth... I travelled 150+ years in seconds from my perspective. now I did exist in every moment that the earth did, however because of relativistic effects, everything on my ship was moving very slowly by comparison.... I existed in the NOW the whole time, but my now was different.
    there was still only one set of all stuff that we know as the universe in each moment, it never grew nor shrank in total energy quantity...because my relativistic increase in mass was compensated for by a energetic curve in the fabric of space.
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