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If we are in danger

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    it is for comets who is come toward earth i hear in tv and some news paper
    in some they say comet come in 2014 , in some other in 2019
    and now i dont know what to belive
    it is true or false ?
    if one know for this it is good to tell every one
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    Perhaps you are thinking of asteroids, as the links Zen gave suggest. It is true we are basically defenseless against these thugs. Fortunately, they are rare events, so we probably still have some time.
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    On January 31 1996 Comet Hyakutake was discovered and it passed within “0.1AU” of earth on March 25 1996.
    So it’s not just the ones we know about that could be planet killers and as you can see we would have had less then a month notice.
    I did get some good pictures of Comet Hyakutake and I knew how close it was and if I remember the news didn’t seem to explain what a close call this was. Are there more like this? Probably, and would anyone tell us? Why not we couldn’t do anything about it, just sit back and watch the panic and above all else enjoy your last days.

    You got to try to look on the bright side of these things.
    Of Corse while you are looking at the bright side the dark side crashes into your planet.
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    Depending on the size of the asteroid, you might also want to get as close to the impact site as possible. Your death will be far less painful.
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    Evidence suggests the collision rate might be on the upswing - bad news for humans. We have no ability to deflect a comet or large asteroid on a collision course with earth. Might be a good idea to stop fighting each other and divert those efforts accordingly. In the mean time, it might not be a bad idea to have coffee and crumpets over a discussion on how to improve the human condition.
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