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News If we believe in peace

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    we can at least work for our cause by helping Mr. Kevin Benderman , a conscientious objector, with our write-ins. Hell for myself, I have given the the Defense Department a piece of my mind - that Bush et al are a bunch of nude worms on our planet :grumpy: .
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    Hell hath no fury like a nude worm scorned.
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    just as a question, there is no draft today, if you were a conscientious objector, why the *$&$ would you join the military, as a soldier none the less
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    I read his letter and I don't think he makes a good case. Because of what Lyuokdea noted, he has a pretty heavy burden of proof to overcome. He needs to explain when he became a pacifist and what changed his mind. The way his letter reads, he's had enough and couldn't do any more. That simply isn't good enough.
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    From the news articles they link, he seemed okay with going to war for his first deployment and seems to have just changed his mind about it since then. Maybe he saw the J.A.G. episode on this and decided he'd try it too.
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