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If you could go anywhere

  1. Mar 21, 2004 #1
    If you could go anywhere....

    ...in the world or the universe, where would it be?

    I would go to the following places:
    1.) Paris
    2.) Alpha Centauri
    3.) The eagle nebula
    4.) Puerto Rico
    5.) Argentina
    6.) Ethiopia (that's where I'm from)
    7.) Mt. Everest, Nepal
    8.) Planet X (if it exists)
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    jimmy p

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    Re: If you could go anywhere....

    Ugh...you dont wanna go there, it's full of FRENCH people

    I would probably like to go to the girl of my dream's house. Unfortunately there is no dream girl, so i suppose i would have to just settle with going to Barbados or something. Maybe Amsterdam. OR i suppose i would like to go to the planet of naked Amazonian Beauties who lust for men but have very little on their planet..and i arrive just in time...

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    Id like to go to someplace remote. Florida has way too many people (especially in winter). But if I do go to someplace remote id better bring a laptop w/wireless internet, else I go into withdrawl.
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    I love to travel. Places I haven't been yet that I would love to visit

    1. Tibet

    2. Egypt

    3. Greece

    4. Yellowstone National Park, US
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