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If you could time travel

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    if you could time travel, either back or forward in time, where would you go assuming you could come back safely to your own time? would you change anything?

    i would go to 19th century america and live in the wild west (preferably california during the gold rush)...
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    I would like to go back to 1947, to the Starlight Ballroom in Philadelphia and see my parents meet.

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    I would like to go then back to 1947, to the Starlight Ballroom in Philadelphia and see how Njorl was watching his parents meeting. Cheers Njorl.
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    I would go forward to a time where we have managed to create a society that is based on free and logical thinking, one that does not constantly get over ridden by stupid emotional concepts, where people don’t even think about not looking into something cause they don’t want to know that this is the answer. A time where we have managed to really figure out what’s going on in the brain, and have the technology to explore the real connections between physics and biology. But it all starts with a real philosophy for children being set up world wide, and people being willing to think outside their experience and dedicate their time to finding out alternative explanations to things they just presume to know the answers for. It demands intellectual honesty, and a new way of thinking, and a population who are willing to break from the yoke of existence and want to know something of the truth. (What ever that may be). So maybe I would go back a few hundred years, and start this program back in ancient Greece: watch the populace kill Socrates, and make sure the knowledge did get passed on, not just through various small close knit groups, but as a general education for all: the education of how to think. But humans hate to think, and hell, I love the yoke. So maybe I should just stay here and have another cup of tea.
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    Time travel

    I would go back to the days of socrates i would meet with him and discuss phylosophy for day on end.I would also as said before make sure that the knowledge of the great phylosophist would be passed on.
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    1) go forward about 10 years
    2) get stock-exchange data (and maybe some new inventions)
    3) come back and take over the world
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    ... Others will then go back ... and make you a poor fellow.
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    I'd go back to the Paleozoic Era, the time before the first mass extinction (the P/T event). It was mostly reptiles and protomammals by the end of that Era, and we hardly ever hear about those creatures, but they must have been fascinating. Then, of course, I'd go forward to near the end of the Triassic period (before the T/J event) and see the new dinosaurs and larger protomammals, who were still holding some "authority" in the world. And then, finally, I'd go to the time 65 million years ago, just before the K/T event, and see if the dinosaurs were already dropping dramatically in numbers before the meteor wiped the remainding few out of existence (which is what I think is most likely what happened). I'd also like to go back to the time of Homo Erectus...I'd just like further proof of obvious truth, I guess :smile:.
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    Seems a nice program. Of course you could go first to the future, find a weapon that could destroy that meteor ... go to the time before the meteor crashed ... destroy the meteor before the impact ... and see what would happen ...
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    Yeah, but then I definitely wouldn't exist...indeed, Homo Sapiens might never have existed, since, during the reign of the Dinosaurs, the only mammals were small rodent-like weaklings.
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    ... on your return (with your girlfriend picked up somewhere ) you can play then Adam and Eve.
    For course every scenario can be undo.
    Therefor there was in lot of time-travel SF-books a non-interfere code (which was broken of course!).
  13. Dec 4, 2003 #12
    Actually, if I never existed, then I never travelled back in time, which means that I still did exist (since it was my travelling back that led to my not existing), which means that I did travel back in time...this is looping and thus logically impossible (yet another one of my problems with time travel: too many paradoxes).
  14. Dec 4, 2003 #13

    You still would exist since you caused that the meteor didn't hit earth. Maybe humanity would not exist but you would. The cause (you) couldn't cause it's own non-existence.
    Since you still had that time-machine you could always go back to the moment before that you destroyed that meteor, and let it do it's original job. The problem would be to convince your other-self not to destroy it, which in your case could be a problem! Mentat discussing with Mentat ... whaow ! .
    Indeed to much possibilities and nothing is for sure in such time-machine world.

    My problem with time travel is that it's impossible to re-TURN all physical phenomena. (ie. inverse fires in California and have back the woods, make anti-spin of all electrons, undo radiation, reverse photons to the sun and stars, etc. ). Already just 'stopping' all phenomena (a condition for TT) would be a hell of a job ...
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    That's not a bad idea. Come back from the future with an evil doomsday device I like to call a "tractor" beam and bribe the world for $1 million dollars and emit a evil laugh. All the while wearing a gray suit, holding rt. pinky to mouth, and petting a white kitty.
  16. Dec 6, 2003 #15
    It doesn't seem that I should be able to cause my own non-existence (since that leads to the paradox that I mentioned before), but I am a human, and am the product of thousands of years of human procreation. If those do not happen, I do not happen.

    Well, actually, I couldn't go back and find myself, because stopping the meteor would create a chain-reaction that would rub-out my ever having existed.
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    Wouldn't you in a ...kind of 'superpostion'? (like postulated by QM ... which I hate...:wink: as you know).
  18. Dec 10, 2003 #17
    That's stretching it a bit, but then "stretching" things (spacetime in particular) is your forte, isn't it? :wink:
  19. Apr 28, 2004 #18
    This is what i would do if i had a time machine.


    Many Thanks,
    Blair Styles.
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    oh lorrdy

    I would really like to meet Moses. I would tell him not to put those... in stone because nothing is always written in stone. Laying anything in cement always muddies things up.

    As far as changing things, I would not change one thing. I will say that I gave up regrets and stole the lessons.
  21. Apr 30, 2004 #20
    "The Moon"

    I would go back to July 20, 1969, when mankind, accomplished its single greatest technological achievement, of all time, when a human first set foot on another celestial body, the moon..?

    Why, to verify that the 14 minute video, is authentic that I posses, that Neil A. Armstrong and Buzz Aldrin, took while there heartbeats rose to 160 pulses per minute.
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