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Homework Help: If you know the answer of these 5 Questios , please help me

  1. Mar 13, 2007 #1
    If you know the answer of these 5 Questios , please help me

    1)The glycolytic pathway from glucose to pyruvic acid involves a lengthy series of different chemical reactions. Each individual reaction requires:
    a) a molecule of ATP
    b) a molecule of NAD+
    c) a molecule of a specific enzyme
    d) a molecule of NADP+

    2) When a muscle cell is metabolizing glucose in the complete absence of molecular oxygen, which one of the following substances is not produced?
    a) Glyceraldehyde-3-phosphate
    c)Pyruvic acid
    d)Lactic acid

    3)When a molecule of glucose is completely broken down in a cell to water and CO2, some ATP molecules are synthesized by substrate-level phosphorylation and some by chemiosmotic phosphorylation via the electron- transport system. What percentage of the total number of ATP molecules formed comes from the latter process?

    4)Cyanide blocks the respiratory electron-transport chain. As a result of:
    a)The Krebs cycle speeds up
    b)Electrons and hydrogen cannot flow from NADH to oxygen
    c)Three ATP molecules are produced for every pair of electrons
    d)Production of water increases
    e)Glycolysis is inhibited

    5) Which metabolic pathway is a common pathway for both anaerobic and aerobic metabolism
    a)The electron-transport chain
    b)The citric acid cycle
    d)the oxidation of pyruvic acid
    e)the formation of acetyl-CoA

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    You need to show your work before we can offer any assistance. The key to answering these is to know and understand the reaction pathways described. If you need a starting point, go back to your textbook and look up the 5 metabolic pathways listed in problem 5 and work from those. Keep in mind, you're going to have to memorize those pathways for exams (or, at the very least, know what goes in and what comes out).
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    Err... this may not be very helpful, but I think that cyanides disrupt the respiratory cycle cause they form more stable complexes with haemoglobin than iron and hence cannot be displaced from the complexes. This disrupts the equilibrium and oxygen cannot be delivered to the cells...

    Again... I read this somewhere when I was studying coordination compounds, so Im not sure how helpful this is to you....
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