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If you were a creator god

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    ...what physical changes would you make to humans and why?
    (I beg you, please try to keep suggestions at least half-sensible)

    It always annoys me that when I cycle in cold weather, I am too warm from the exertion, and yet my hands are freezing. I'd give the part of the brain that controls thermoregulation the ability to compensate for temperature differences around the body. If the body is too warm but the hands and face too cold, then rather than divert blood away from the extremities, making them colder and the rest of the body warmer, it is fed towards them so that they are warmed and the blood flowing back to the warm areas is cooled. Problem solved!
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    This is very hard but part of the answer, be able to turn off certain thought
    patterns in the brain at will, make feet as useful as hands.
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    Make both sides of the body work equally well.
    If it wasn't for my left foot, god knows what a striker i would have been in fotball.:wink:
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    Good one. I'd love to be ambidextrous
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    I would give us improved memory, and memory recall.
    I spent 30 minutes looking something up, only to find that I knew all about...some 10 years ago:grumpy:
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    make circular breathing easier

    I'd kill for that benefit.
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    Wings would be nice (in addition to arms, not in place of), but I don't know that I'd want the hollow bones and stuff needed to make one light enough for flight. Wouldn't mind full-spectrum vision, either. That would have to be deliberately selectable, so as not to be overwhelmed by CMB, gamma bursters, CNN, etc.. A lot more strength (Spider-Man class:tongue: ) would eliminate the need for a lot of expensive tools such as impact guns, engine hoists, and the like.
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