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If you were god

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    If you were god....

    ....and had low self-esteem, would that be blasphemy?
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    Perhaps God attained his rather inflated ego via a process of natural selection, since all the self-hating Gods before him were required to smite themselves into oblivion. And God #1536 said "Let there be light", and there was light, but he wasn't happy with it and thought it could be much more energy-efficient, thus proving his own fallibity and disappearing inside a paradox?
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    What's this "if" thing?

    edit: oh, sorry, misread. I thought you meant a god.
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    Ivan Seeking

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    I don't know about self esteem, but I would make a taco so hot that even I couldn't eat it.
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    I would just compensate for my low self-esteem by creating billions of creatures that are vastly inferior to me.
    Is that blasphemy?
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    Why would god care? If I were god and had a low self esteem I would make my penis larger, and then create numerous good looking women.

    I just found another problem:

    Could god create a woman so beautiful that she would be too stuck up to sleep with god?
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    You can't call yourself "God" when you have low self-esteem.
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    And you could hum along with da vinci's notebook's great hit, to be loaded down from here:
    http://www.davincisnotebook.com/sounds.asp [Broken]
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    If you were god...

    ...and were atheist.

    If you were god...
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