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Ig Nobels announced

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    for some reason i remember the reason stubby beer bottles are used is because they don't have a handle to hold onto, making it more difficult to bottle someone. (the real reason is probably that they're stronger though) either one would do a pretty good job though i think, empty or full :tongue2:

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    I thought it was surprising that filling a bottle with beer reduced the amount of energy required to break the bottle. The 30 J required to break a full bottle puts a person very close to the mean value required to fracture the human skull (approximately 28 J according to Biomechanics of skull fracture), so getting hit in head with a full beer bottle might not be that bad.

    Then again, what are the chances a person would waste a full bottle of beer by hitting someone over the head with it?

    If you're the person doing the hitting, then I guess this is just another lesson that patience really does pay. You should finish your beer before joining bar fights.

    Donald Unger should receive a special award for his patience. A sixty year experiement!
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    I remember they had a high speed camera show on the... discovery channel I think.... that investigated this. When you strike someone with a bottle full of carbonated beverage, apparently a vacuum is created and then quickly refills, which is somehow capable of breaking the glass. I don't understand the details, but it was pretty cool to watch

    The premise of the show was actually why when you try to knock the top of someone's beer bottle with the bottom of your own, why sometimes your own bottle breaks (but normally hitting an empty bottle that hard wouldn't break it)
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