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IGBT's in PSIM and Multisim 7

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    Just signed up for this, my bf has been ranting and raving about it forever!

    Short Intro:
    Senior at Wayne State University (Detroit)...LAST ECE class! Power Electronics. Bad teacher, ridiculous class structure...you know the jist.

    Doing a project for this class which is becoming completely self taught. Design an active power filter for load compensation.

    So far I think I'm doing okay. I have a the demo version of PSIM, which has IGBT's that look the way I am familiar with them looking:

    http://www.powerdesigners.com/InfoWeb/calculators/IGBTCalc/vsi.gif [Broken]

    (not that entire thing, but the switch in parralell with the diode)

    The thing is that the PSIM demo wont run a simulation with a certain amount of elements and I havent been able to get ahold of anyone at the company to buy it. So I think im going to use Multisim 7 which I have a full version of.

    Multisim 7 shows the IGBT component as something similar to:

    http://www.powerdesigners.com/images/igbt2.gif [Broken]

    My question:

    Are these two things equivelent?

    Does anyone have any suggestions to make this work if they are not?

    Thank you!!!
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    Can you post the models for each? You can tell how close they are by the underlying text model parameters for each. Welcome to PF, BTW.
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