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Ignition switch coding

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    hi! everyone, um new to this forum and would like some help and few tips on designing a coding and decoding circuit to replace my car ignition switch with, for now all i know is the basics of logic circuit operations, still not enough to perform the function. can someone help plis!
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    Welcome to the PF.

    Do you mean to replace the physical key switch with a keypad or something? How new is the car? Some modern cars have readers that read a code from the key, in addition to the physical pin tumbler mechanism.

    This sounds like a pretty ambitious project. What other projects have you done so far?
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    i haven't worked on any existing projects so far as somehow I happen to miss some concerpts of logic operation, but anyway I've tried a coded magnetic doorlock using a simple screened electromagnetic coil and an armarture as well as an electric controlled gate. both projects failed as the coding circuit did give me a hard time.
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    oh! I forgot to tell you that it is a 1994 BMW 325
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