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Homework Help: Iinclined PLane force problem

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    I've tried as much methods as I can think of but none have been fruitful, I need help please!! heres the question:
    An engine is used to pull a train of two cars out of a mine. The floor slopes upward at an angle of 22 degrees. Each car has a mass of 1.1x10^4 Kg and normally travels without friction on the tracks. The engine can exert a maximum force of 1.6x10^5 N on car A. If the engineer again throttles back so that the force exerted by the engine on car A decreases at the constant rate of 2.9 N per second, how long before the train stops moving up the track? Assume the original speed was 3.4 m/s
    Please don't just write the answer, try as much as possible to explain..I'm here to learn, a friend told me about this
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    i didnt know we're not supposed to post here.
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