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News Illegal arms in iraq

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    where are the iraqi rebels getting their weapons from? i thought that everyone or almost everyone from the former iraqi military who would have accses to small arms chaches either surrendered , were captured or were killed early in the invasion? is it just the small arms culture that has always been in iraq that is supplying weapons to these fighters? what kind of arms control is currently in place in iraq?
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    the thing is that right now, iraq has a lot of the world's attention and more importantly, the western world has high interest in there so most of the weapons are not likly to slip in like they did in rwanda. so i was thinking that either there are leaks in new iraq goverment or it could just be that the weapons were already everywhere before anyone invaded anything (i read an interview with the arms dealer that supplyed sadam before the kuwait invasion and he claimed something in the lines of 'owning an ak-47 is a right of passage in iraq'). maybe people had a lot of RPGs, rifles and ammunition before, but i would expect that to have been spent by now

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    The Iraqis (on the BBC) have repeatedly reported seeing Sadr's militia with Iranian weapons and Iranian style dress.
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    At the moment, every household in Iraq is allowed to own one AK47 variant, or so our news clamied the other day.
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    nothing about all the RPGs or ammo?
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    Iraq was arms dealer to the world prior to the war. I'm sure there are caches all over the place.
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    Iraq was flooded with ex-Soviet military hardware for quite a while. Unfortunately it was not flooded with ex-Soviet engineers, so most of it is old and not so great.
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    Hmmm. I wonder where they could have gotten all those weapons.
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    Mostly from France and the Soviet Union, I suspect.
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    Well yes, generally ex-Soviet gear comes from ex-Soviet places.
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    and some items had shown up from russia, I believe.
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    How many people in the USA have weapons? almost everyone.
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    What's your point, tumor?
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    Try the USA.

    Well if almost everyone in the US has weapons, iraq is arms dealer of the world, is it possible almost everyone in iraq had weapons?

    i rekon they smuggle weapons in from saudia arabia too.
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    1>Show me some sort of validation for this assertion. I wasn't aware that we built and/or sold kalishnikovs to anyone

    2>Not almost everyone in the US has weapons, however we do have enough weapons here for every person. The reason for that is our freedom to own them. As we all know, Saddam would not take kindly to his detractors having guns to fight him with (are we in agreement here, or do I need to get a link on this?). When did Iraq become the arms dealer of the world?

    3> Why Saudi Arabia? Not saying atleast ONE gun didn't get smuggled from there, just wondering why the seemingly arbitrary choice?
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    A brief history of US participation in the Middle east, this is what people mean when they say 'They've interfered with so mucht thats none of their business'

    in 1951 Iranian people democratically elect Dr. Mohammed Mossadegh as Iranian premier. in 53 the US ousts Mossadegh and isntalls Shah as dictator. In 79 the iranian people revolt against shah and take US hostages in retaliation (the embassy incident). The iraqi-Iranian war start when the US enters partnership with Saddam and gives him weapons and money to kill iranians in retaliation of the hostage taking. Saddam begins to develop Chemical and Biological Weapons. The relationship went sour during the gulf war when Pres Bush betrayed Saddam, thus resulting in the attempted assassination of Pres Bush Sn. by Saddam Hussein.

    http://www.thirdworldtraveler.com/CIA Hits/Iran_CIAHits.html
    http://www.philly.com/mld/philly/news/nation/4185241.htm?1c [Broken]
    http://foi.missouri.edu/terrorbkgd/following.html [Broken]
    http://csmonitor.com/cgi-bin/durableRedirect.pl?/durable/1999/05/27/p23s3.htm [Broken]
    http://pilger.carlton.com/iraq/impact [Broken]

    2. Dunno, havn't researched it but its plausable. I was merely putting a theory together from tumor and Johns posts.

    3. I've just been hearing alot about AL Quadi running around in saudi arabia managing to evade officials, so it seems a likely spot, jordan doesnt have such a big problem, and syria is too well controlled i think. I know someone who lived there he said he saw secret service agents every other block, exageration for sure but still.
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    1> Smurf, I'm aware of all of that. What does that have to do with a bunch of thugs running around with small arms? I don't see them running around with missilie trucks and tanks (even then they were all soviet as well). They have kalishnikovs and RPG's. Those were not what we provided.
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    You won't miss much.
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