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News Illegal Mexican immigrants.

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    Ivan Seeking

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    I completely support criminalizing illegals. The first job of any government is to secure the borders. Our government betrays us in the interest of cheap labor for profit.

    I have an idea, how about if Mexicans try to fix Mexico instead of coming here illegally and demanding rights.

    By the way, illegals don't have any rights.
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    I believe Americans should be biased in favor of the welfare of our current fellow citizens over that of the six billion foreigners. - http://www.nationalvanguard.org/index.php

    We're proud of being white, we want to keep being white," said Lynx. "We want our people to stay white … we don't want to just be, you know, a big muddle. We just want to preserve our race. - http://www.nationalvanguard.org/story.php?id=3765

    everyone has right to have opinion.

    personally, i find it amusing that descendants of immigrants want to criminalize immigrants, who are now called illegal but xyz years ago there was no such a thing, but .. to each his own.

    btw illegals have human rights as every other human being.
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    Ivan Seeking

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    I was talking about constitutional rights and the right to a voice in the US system. And we have never allowed unchecked immigration. My ancestors came here legally.

    You are confusing legal immigration with an illegal free-for-all.
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    oh did they? i thought Euros came, killed some natives, fooled others with "firewater", move the rest to reservation and then invented constitutional rights and illegals. but dont mind me, im never to be taken seriously.
  6. Mar 27, 2006 #5

    Ivan Seeking

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    That was before the US even existed as a nation with a Constitution. As for the plight of native Americans, I am the first to agree that they were treated horribly and unjustly. But that doesn't change a thing.
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    The issue is not about criminalizing immigrants, it is about criminalizing illegal immigrants, those who snuck across the border without any of the usual process and checks that legal immigrants need to adhere to. Nobody is saying to kick out those who are coming into the country on temporary work visas, or student visas (both of which are non-immigrant visas, because they are temporary), or with an immigrant visa that permits them to establish permanent residency.

    I hear the argument, "Well, they pay their taxes..." but I cannot see how that is possible. If they are paying taxes, that means they obtained a social security number, and in order to obtain a social security number, you need to prove your visa status is valid and permits you to work in the U.S., which means you are here legally. http://www.ssa.gov/pubs/10096.html

    If you are here illegally, you aren't going to have a social security number (unless you've committed identity theft and are using someone else's social security number, which is yet another crime...sure, you may be paying your taxes with it, but what other debts and obligations are you accruing in someone else's name?), which means you aren't paying taxes, even if you've found work.

    Unfortunately, it seems all too common, even in the media reports of this issue, that the distinction between a legal immigrant or even a legal non-immigrant on temporary visa status is confused for that of illegal immigrants.
  8. Mar 27, 2006 #7

    Ivan Seeking

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    Also, in my particular case, my great-grandfather immigrated here legally from Finland. I am not aware of any Finnish invaders claiming the Americas.

    You should see what the illegals have done to my original home in LA. It is like day and night. They have turned the place into a ghetto.

    I once has a serious relationship with a Mexican girl who immigrated here legally. She also had a real problem with illegals.

    And what of the many criminals who flee Mexico and come here to escape prosecution. Should they also have rights?
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  9. Mar 27, 2006 #8

    im stupid but not that stupid guys. unfortunatelly, i do not believe in such a thing as "illegal immigrant" as i believe everyone should be able to travel and work freely.

    "while there is a soul in prison im not free" kinda thing you know ..

    as i said everyone is free to have her/his own opinon so i dont get why you seem to have the need to defend your opinion against mine. do you have the need?

    i wont argue silly here but i do know the difference between illegal alien, immigrant, nonimmigrant, resident and citizen, quite well.
  10. Mar 27, 2006 #9


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    Now you know not to get me started on this. Not long ago a program aired, I think on PBS about the history of migrant workers (now referred to as illegal aliens). In those days the borders were controlled with ease. The hiring laws were enforced. The migrant workers were monitored and limited--primarily to agriculture, which is seasonal. During the depression, the flow was shut off, and those who were here illegally were made to leave. Many Americans took agricultural work to get through the hard times. One of my professors said he picked and processed olives as a boy.

    Things went from bad to worse when the Smirking Chimp broadcasted the word "amnesty" and millions began to flood across the border beyond control. The religious-right among Hispanics helped him to get reelected. It helped his Big Business buddies too.

    With the recession that began in 2001, and the unemployment so high, how can anyone claim Americans don't want to work? I predict that if the minimum wage (which is now equivalent to the minimum wage in 1966 in real dollars) was raised to proper levels, and businesses were forced to pay fair wages (and taxes, benefits, etc.), Americans would be taking these jobs left and right. Construction, hospitality, restaurants--certainly college students or spouses seeking supplemental income. And of course many illegals learn English and move on to even better jobs.

    This winter season was the worse for the flu that I've seen in my life time. Most people were sick multiple times. It is believed that it is due to new strains being brought over the border. The gang violence in border states has escalated as well, and some members who have been deported several times (at the tax payer expense) simply return time and again. People say making illegal entry a felony would only increase our prison populations--look at the percentages and see how many illegals are already there.

    The protests this last weekend were despicable--many were illegal, some were draped in the Mexican flag. These protests were backed by foreign government, most notably Mexico, which ran adds in U.S. newspapers advocating guest worker programs. You don't really think something like this could be organized among poor uneducated people without powerful backing--maybe certain businesses, maybe even certain Republicans who hope to make this a wedge issue in 2006 the same way as terrorism and same sex marriage has been used in elections before?

    I agree that racial conflict needs to be avoided, but Bush is full of s**t stating that millions of unchecked illegals are contributing positively to our economy, and that their insistence on speaking Spanish is not undermining our national identity. Those of us in border states have seen this the longest and the hardest. I know some people who have moved to other states in part to escape the assault. Shrub better tell Fox to get his own house in order, or he's not welcome back either.

    We need a wall constructed (adding more border control officers will nickel and dime the system with no real effectiveness). We need to require employers to not only collect ID for the I-9 form, but verify the ID, and then report when the ID is fake--this definitely should be a felony. With a wall we can just buss them to the other side and save on plane tickets or prison.

    Look at how many liberals feel as I do. It tells you something. And perhaps it could be an issue to reunite America--Republican and Democratic voters unite! Where are the organizations and backing for us to take the streets? Where?
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  11. Mar 27, 2006 #10


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    Riiight. There should be no borders, no walls or fences around yards, no locks on doors, no personal possessions, because it is my 'right' to take what I feel is my share however I choose.

    We are not talking about human rights here. In fact, if you want to harp on that you should be against big business and corrupt elites in countries like Mexico who exploit these people for their own gain. It is not the American tax payers who are responsible to rectify the matter by having their standard of living pulled down to the same level as exists in Mexico.

    As for my ancestors, they immigrated legally. Look at the old photos from Ellis Island. These people were proud to become American, to learn the language (English), and built this country to the greatness it is today. And don't start up with the Native American Indian spiel either. They along with all the other legal citizens (including Mexicans who lived here and were given automatic citizenship) and naturalized citizens are welcome, and free to pursue the American Dream.

    And don't start up with the racism and bigotry, and why we don't have the same concern about our border with Canada. Millions of illegals are flooding across our southern borders, bringing disease, increasing crime, and bankrupting public services, that's why. This is NOT immigration. It is an invasion.
  12. Mar 27, 2006 #11


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    This is a discussion forum, not an opinion poll. The whole point is to make arguments and defend your position.
  13. Mar 27, 2006 #12


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    I'd have thought mexicans flooding into California and Texas would be more accurately described as a homecoming rather than an invasion. :tongue2:
  14. Mar 27, 2006 #13


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    It is common for a social security number to be used by quite a few people, which can occasionally be a problem for the real person the social security number is issued to. Social Security isn't too aggressive in verifying identities for incoming tax revenues, but the illegal using a purloined social security number is guaranteed to receive nothing in return for the social security taxes subtracted from his/her paycheck (in a way, they're fined right off the bat). The Social Security Administration is also less than helpful in resolving stolen social security numbers.

    The real problem is illegal immigration (by the way, most illegal immigrants are those that entered legally, but chose not to leave when their visas expired - illegal border crossings are just a small subclass of illegal immigration). Our country should be able to control its borders (and obviously could to a much larger extent since it has immigration records for most illegal immigrants).

    The fact that we've chosen to be pretty lackadaisical in controlling illegal immigration presents a different problem. We can't very well afford to deport them when they're filling an economic niche in the economy. If we do control illegal immigration, then we'll also have to increase legal immigration to compensate for the loss of illegal immigrants.

    Here's an interesting article on immigration, over all, even if it is over 10 years old. Immigration: The Demographic and Economic Facts

    People's opinions on immigration have remained the same regardless of the century or how many immigrants are actually entering the country: "The people who came here in earlier times were good folks, but the people who are coming now are purely scum"

    In general, immigrants contribute slightly more economically than they drain via social services. They contribute significantly more if you exclude refugees. People who immigrated at a late age also cost more in welfare, etc - but that's because they didn't have time to accrue any Social Security benefits.
  15. Mar 27, 2006 #14


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    The Mexicans who were living here at the time of acquisition were allowed to keep their land and were automatically given citizenship. In California, the Mexican population held huge fiesta celebrations. Who's land was taken that needs to be given back? Actually there were Americans who lost land to Mexico, such as my great grandfather. And that goes for Native American Indians too, who likewise enjoy citizenship, and tax exemption for their casinos, ski resorts, etc. as well as subsidies. Everyone needs to join the 21st century and move on.

    Do any of us know if we'll receive Social Security benefits? In the meantime, the problem is the immense numbers entering in a compressed time frame (millions a year), and the strain it has therefore placed on tax supported services. We can't sustain that kind of volume. You can look at the numbers various ways, but most agree that when it is all tallied up, we are running a deficit.

    One area that will likely begin lay-offs is the housing industry (construction). And if we continue buying more and more goods from overseas, including produce (as Bush said while in India, Americans want to eat your mangos), then what niche will be left for these people? Come on, we know Americans would be happy to take many jobs if they are paid fair wages.

    Of course we need to continue allowing immigration, it just can't be a friggin' free for all.
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  16. Mar 27, 2006 #15
    Illegals are quite a problem over here :/ Most people in Airzona agree that it's one of the weakest points of this administration/government....

    One thing I hate more than the illegals is that people who do not understand nor speak english get a job before me because of AA. That is a different matter entirely though.....
  17. Mar 28, 2006 #16
    This post contained a lewd remark that has been edited out by Tom Mattson.

    This is a discussion forum, not an opinion poll. The whole point is to make arguments and defend your position. - loseyourname

    dont you say? :)

    so what is your point? that i should defend my opinion with arguments? or you were merely answering my rethorical question?

    if its the later one, then thank you for explaining it to me the idiot, and if its the former one i will say this. i will not argue silly what are nothing more than biased opinions of seasoned american posters on this board, even if their opinions are supported by quasi-arguments in favour of criminalizing illegal aliens.

    what shall i produce here? conclusive proof that everyone should have right to travel, work and settle freely? and what shall i argue here? that illegal aliens are bad for US citizens?

    you see, this stuff is matter of opinion or better yet, a matter of system of beliefs. one believes that fairness and equality is "good" and another one believes that maximizing profit is "good". since in open society nobody is in possession of ultimate truth, it then follows, this issue cannot be decided objectively.

    sociology or economy are not hard sciencies like math or physics, where theres little room for opinions. sure, most or even vast majority would probably agree that illegal aliens are bad simply because they make americans poorer. and i ask. how do we know that richer but consumer society is "better" than poorer but equal society for example? once there was time when majority thought it was ok to discriminate jews. were they right because they were in majority?

    define better? define good? define bad? see what i mean? this stuff nothing like Pythagorean Theorem or speed of light in vacuum.

    If they are paying taxes, that means they obtained a social security number, and in order to obtain a social security number, you need to prove your visa status is valid and permits you to work in the U.S., which means you are here legally. - Moonbear

    i have my SS number in front of me and i have my NYC driving licence in front of me at this very moment. i was never nothing more than illegal alien. ;)

    Of course we need to continue allowing immigration, it just can't be a friggin' free for all. - SOS2008

    perhaps a closer look at Sweden, UK or Ireland would shed little more light on this argument. labour markets of these coutnries opened themselves to workers from new EU member states some time ago, unlike Germany, France or Spain and the rest of old EU members and what happened? nada .. no invasion .. no friggin' all. surprise surprise!

    still not an opinion poll? id even say its uneducated opinion poll, but then again, im an idiot..
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  18. Mar 28, 2006 #17


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    You asked why people felt the need to defend their opinions. My response is that that's the whole point of a discussion forum. Look through every thread and that's mostly what's going on. If it was just 'state what you believe, then move on,' we'd have quite a lot less going on here.

    You don't need to present conclusive proof. You don't even necessarily need to present any kind of argument. If that's just what you believe, and there is no reasoning process behind it, so be it. But others are generally going to tell you what their reasoning process is, and why they disagree with you. You're going to have to get used to that.

    Well, there you go, you're making an argument. SOS made much the same argument, that the only reason illegals are allowed to stay as they are, and we mostly look the other way, is that it's good business for certain people. It allows them to maximize profits. On the other hand, she thinks it's unfair that they get a free ride by having access to taxpayer funded services but often don't pay taxes, and they are being treated unequally in the sense that laws which apply to the rest of us legal residents are not being properly enforced on them.

    You either agree or disagree with her, and there is some reasoning process behind why you come to either of these conclusions. The kosher next step on a discussion forum is to state why you either agree or disagree, and then we move on, back and forth, until either a resolution of some sort is reached or one or both parties simply give up. Is it pointless? In many cases, maybe it is. In other cases, maybe someone is actually learning something from this, which is the reason the forum exists.

    I realize I'm being patronizing, but come on. Who comes to a discussion forum, a political one no less, and complains when people argue for contrary positions?
  19. Mar 28, 2006 #18
    Who comes to a discussion forum, a political one no less, and complains when people argue for contrary positions? - loseyourname

    an idiot or a troublemaker or both :)

    fair enough.
  20. Mar 28, 2006 #19
    BobG already touched on this but here's a bit more...
    These are excerpts from...
  21. Mar 28, 2006 #20
    Do you support rounding up families looking for a better life like they're felons and deporting them? Sending them back to the place where they were willing to risk injury and arrest to escape and now have nothing because they have used it all to get here? Same with people who perhaps came here legally but once they had made a life for themselves, had a job paid taxes and kids were in school, they were told their visa wont be renewed?
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