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News Illegal refugees

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    in a small continent we like to call australia we have a problem of being an island

    whats the problem with being an island you say?

    well the problem with being an island continent with a fairly small population is that theres alot of coastline to patrol for illegal immigration, as such, we hardly catch the bad guys smuggling in illegal immigrants from different countries.

    as such, when we do catch them, we put them into detainee centres out in the middle of nowhere, and we process them to see if they really are refugees or just rich foriegners trying to illegally immigrate.

    as such, the aust gov has the greenies on their backs saying that detaining them is a "inhumane" thing to do, as they are fleeing from persecution etc etc, and that something should be done about it. we realise that letting them into the general society has its drawbacks such as terrorism risks and a greater influx of immigrants, but they say that something should be done like faster processing etc etc.

    but where i have a question is when some of these detainees get so fed up with being detained that they go on hunger strikes and protest and plead to the media about their desperate plight being stuck in detention centres. i dont believe that its really justified to be complaining about free food and accomadation in a different country if your being persecuted in your original country.

    so since most people want to act intelligently, and you all seem to be intelligent people, i want your opinion, should refugees, fleeing death and persecution in their countries of origin, complain about their lodgings in another country. moreover i want to know that if you were being prosecuted and you fled the country to another only to be detained would you complain?

    thats all
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    Never mind death and persecution, how about those who are looking for a better life and a better chance economically? This is what drives migration, both legal and illegal, into the US.
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    By looking at the post's title I don't think he was referring to immigration in general. Immigration is a broad subject and I actually think he is only concerned with the section of immigrants that are referred to as 'refugees,' those that are fleeing their countries due to persecution reasons, like political refugees, etc., and not really those looking for a better chance at living like the majority in the US.
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    They live in limbo land, not sure whether they will be sent back to the hell and poverty they came from, or allowed to stay in a country where they have the opportunity to fulfill their dreams. Consider the case of Peter Qasim, a Kashmiri refugee was has been imprisoned by the Australian government for 6 years, 3 months and 5 days. Many others like him, including children, have been imprisoned for more than 4 years. No wonder that the incidence of mental illness among imprisoned asylum seekers is very high. So I feel that they're fully justified in complaining about their situation. Unfortunately, many Australians don't feel this way, and are easily stirred up by mediocre leaders who like to make political capital out of community fears of terrorism and xenophobia regarding immigrants.
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