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News Illegal wood pellet business in Chernobyl Zone

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    Investigative journalists discovered that the wife of deputy head of National Police of Ukraine (his name is Igor Kupranets) is a "successful businesswoman", but this is hardly unusual in our country.

    What is a little peculiar is that her business is in making wood pellets, and it is located in the Chernobyl Zone! More to it, it is missing from the limited list of businesses which are allowed to operate there.

    Journalists were able to pose as buyers, visit the plant and see these pellets.

    The name of the firm is "Anyway, Ltd". Are they mocking us? :/

    Apologies for the link to the source in Ukrainian language, English version does not exist...

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    Ha. This guy is working in the Department of the Prevention of Economic Crimes. LOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOL :(
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    Since I can't read Ukrainian, I'm unable to read your source, but I have a few questions:

    1. (a) Is the wood pellet business that the wife of Igor Kupranets is running using wood from the Chernobyl Zone? (b) Or is it simply the case that the business is running inside the zone, but the wood coming from elsewhere?

    2. If #1 (a) above, then does the business market the fact that the wood pellets are made or, are using, products from the Chernobyl Zone? If so, what would these wood pellets be used for, or who would buy them? (are people buying wood pellets from Chernobyl as a novelty item?)
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    Well, I would use my common sense to guess what wood do they use. It's not rocket science.
    Normal wood, from outsize the zone, has some market value. You can't buy it lower than this price.
    Wood in the Zone can not be legally cut down and sold. So it accumulates there. If you somehow manage to use it, you profit from it.

    Let's think about it. You see a bag with a label, "Wood pellets, made from Chernobyl Zone wood". Want to buy one?

    No, people buy these pellets for heating because they don't know they are from Chernobyl Zone.
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    Is there any evidence that there is anything harmful about the pellets? I wouldn't use them myself, just to be on the safe side, but is there ... ?
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    Journos posing as buyers asked this question, and the seller answered that ash from these pellets is usually exceeding regulatory limits.
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    From what I remember zone is rather patchy in a way the radiation is distributed, so there is no yes/no answer. Radiation levels can change by orders of magnitude in just a few steps. Still, zone was declared closed because of the elevated radiation levels, so I assume whatever comes from inside can be less safe than the same thing coming from other sources.
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    I found the location in the video with the yellow gantry crane.
    Here it is on Cs-137 fallout map (arrow is pointing to a tiny cross):

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    I think the article I found is based on the premise that the exclusion zone is a bureaucratic/political creation that doesn't necessarily exactly correspond to the physically contaminated zone:

    Therefore, no laws have been broken.
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    Sure, that's what bureaucrats say. "No, everything is fine".
    I do not expect that they would admit any wrongdoing.
    However, Zone map shows that that location is inside the Zone.
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