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I'm a mechanical engineer,wanna be a physicist,HOW?

  1. Dec 16, 2004 #1
    Dear Sir
    I am Naveen.I'll be completing my Bachelors degree in Mechanical Engineering this year,in INDIA.
    I have always been fascinated by phsics,physicists and the idea of being a physicist.But,as you might be aware,in INDIA getting into pure sciences cannot earn you your bread and butter.More over the brightest minds prefer engineering over Pure sciences.
    So,I too, had to get into an engineering college.Now I also have a job in a Diesel Engine Manufacturing company,that pay well.
    But,I do not know how to go ahead and pursue learning in physics.What can I possibly do now?
    Your Advise can change my life.
    I am thinking of doing BS(physics major) through distance learnig.I am 21 now.tell me what do I do.

    Anxiously awaiting your reply
    Naveen N.
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    you are most welcome in physics, I do not think there is less money in theoretical physics in india. I know many people who have shifted to physics from engineering. There are a few points which one should keep in mind. Firstly choose your field of interest and then select an institute which suits your interest. There are many institutes of internatonal repute in India that one can select. There are three main fields which one select: high energy physics, astrophysics and condensed matter. You can visit the webpages of various research institutes.
    find the information about the phd programs of: TIFR, IUCAA, RRI, IISC, PRL, HRI,
    IMSC, IITK, DU, IIA, and others.
    For admission in phd courses in most indian institutes, you need either an msc in physics/maths or a b.tech in engineering.
    If you want to study abroad then go ahead and try for GRE.
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    Can you also give info about institutes which offer undergraduate courses(Bsc) also?
    Or is it better to go for Btech,if I am interested in Reasearch in Theoritical Physics?
    Thanks in advance.
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    If you do not have a B. Tech or M. Sc degree than wait, you have a lot of time.
    want to do something smart, try for the Integrated M.Sc of IIT KGP and IITK
    this is the best possible master program in India, otherwisw do B.Tech,
    you can try for ordinary M.sc of IITS but for that you need B.SC
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    hey naveen! in the same boat as you, i'm currently studying electrical engineering but very intrested to do research in physics. presonally i think i'll msc(in phyiscs ofcourse!) after obtaining my B'eng degree and hopefully continue foor a Phd and postdoc? lol long way to go for me, i'm just in first year :tongue2: . Just do what YOU want to do in life, you only get to live once...

    oh and, DONT let YOUR choice be influenced by what other say, including those on this forum.
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    You're a traitor!!! :biggrin: :rofl:
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    I recommend you do just that. It will not be especially disruptive to your present position, and will be a good test of your determination, ability and inclination. At the end of this program, if you still feel like want to do physics, you can take steps.

    Right now, I do think it is risky to throw away all that you've acquired, for the sake of something that you may know little about.
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    I am doing my 12th Std.(12th grade for US)
    Thanks for your advice.It is sad to see that almost none of the institutes you told about offer any program less than Phd and Post Phd.
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