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I'm a newbie, joon; hello!

  1. Dec 14, 2014 #1
    Hi, I'm Joon.
    I'm new to these forums. Sorry I posted this after my first post. :( My bad, didn't check my Email.

    So I know most of mechanics, and I'm good with most problems, I think. I just have to think a bit about most of them.

    I don't know theoretical, though. I'm only in 9th grade, after all.

    I'm really loving this community, been using it to help me with problems I don't get (as in, reading through similar problems), but I've decided to join, so that I can both ask for help and help other people.

    Cool meeting you, thanks for reading this, whoever's out there!!!!!
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    Staff: Mentor

    Welcome to PF!

    We look forward to your questions.
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