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Im a noob

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    is there some noob section on this site?

    like how to edit/ delete posts etc...
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    Welcome to PF.

    There is no "noob" section. You should notice however that any posts you have made will have the and edit button in the bottom right for 24 hours after you first posted. If you click on that its pretty straight forward to edit or delete.
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    thanks for the welcome

    no noob section?

    well is there some FAQ thread or beginner thread
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    No, not yet. We're working on a user manual however that will compliment a FAQ thread later on.
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    There is a section where people go to poke the noobs, but it's top secret and you're too noob. :wink::smile:

    If you try out almost any Vboard Forum their methods of editing will be pretty much the same if not the duration you can edit and so on, you can also find tags and special features to jazz up your posts although they may be slightly different from forum to forum generally. Many of the most common ones are doable from the menu from the new post button, or go advanced edit screen. You'll probably find that looking at other forum FAQs in the meantime will be pretty much like looking at a general instruction manual. I think pretty much most if not all forums are done in VBcode although I could be wrong.
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    The "Rules" link at the top of the page has lots of good info. Be sure to read through it if you haven't already. There is also a lot of usefl info in the Forum Feedback and Announcements section.
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