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I'm a PhD student now!

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    It's official! As of 1st of October I'll be granted a part-time assistentship, which will enable me to start my PhD. A bunch of research groups have already expressed their interest, but my first choice will remain theoretical particle physics.

    This means that I will also have to teach the exercise sessions for a couple of courses : Solid State and Radiation Physics, Electrodynamics and Special Relativity and finally Quantum Mechanics. Classes start next week. I've already had a few meeting with the professors involved and I must say that the atmosphere is really good. I like it already :biggrin:
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    Far out! Ausgezeichnet!

    Congratulations, Dimitri!
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    Congratulations that is awesome!!!
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    Great news after great news!

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    You go get 'em Dimitri!
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    Nah, I won't be doing that.
    Thanks for the link, some good advice there!
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    Congrats man. I hope you get a good monthly pay. If you don't, try IWT, they pay very good and your lunch is FOR FREE :rofl:

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    Maybe later, it's certainly an option. This year this wasn't possible because the deadline was to close to my graduation.
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    yes indeed, anyway, veel succes

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    That is good news! Best wishes!
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