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I'm a writer

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    I write sci-fi comedy at the moment. My interests are FTL drives, magnetic fields, room temperature superconductors, and a few other concepts that I am weaving into a book about some midget aliens and Danny Trejo. I'm looking for a few answers about how to incorporate these things into my book so that they aren't goofy.
    While I'm here, I'll share my favorite Rene DesCartes story: Mrs. DesCartes sees that Rene has finished his supper and asks, "Rene, do you want dessert?. He replies, "I think not." and disappears.
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    Hey, welcome. I understand you are purely a writer, not a physicist who writes, right? May I ask why sci-fi? I like reading classics (non sci-fi) and I've never quite understood the need for the inclusion of loosely taken scientific concepts to drive the story. Not trying to be harsh here, just honestly wondering.

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    voila, I found your reply by accident, apparently I am missing navigation data for this site. Thanks for the welcome. To answer your questions: no I am not a physicist. I write things that make me laugh. Usually what makes me laugh are things that don't really belong here on our planet. And things that don't belong on other planets either, for that matter, as it were. No need to apologize, everyone has their own sense of humor; if you can watch "Young Frankenstein" and not laugh, we have different senses of humor, that's all. I couldn't read "Crime and Punishment". Couldn't even get started, actually. I like laughs and things that are made up. No big deal unless one of us pulls out a weapon or forces a psychotropic drug on the other, Welcome to Earth!
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    I LOVE that movie. All during the time my kids were growing up, when anything remotely bad happened I usually said "It could be worse. It could be raining". I had completely forgotten where I got it until after they were grown and I happened to watch it again. Marty Feldman was such a hoot. "What hump?".
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    Ah! Well, I am confident you would agree that loosely taken scientific concepts drive the story!

    Heard any good jokes lately?
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    That's perfectly fine. I mean, I would admit "space ships are cooler than cars"; I just wanted to listen to the answer.
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    This is introductions only, so it's time to close this thread now.
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