I'm afraid of posting around this forum

  1. Yup, I already have two or three threads in the Academic guidance section, and oddly enough I'm not done yet. I don't want to be an annoying person, so I try not to ask questions upon questions.

    I'm still hoping to post more, although it wouldn't be a surprise if someone hits me in the face with a can of tuna. :biggrin:

    So tell me, are PFers generally tolerant? o:)
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  3. I've only been on here a few weeks but I find everyone VERY tolerant, unless you start ranting about some half-baked idea that flies in the face of known physics, then the mods are what I consider to be justifiably and wonderfully intolerant.
  4. Pengwuino

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    Just read the rules for the forum and the sub-forums before you post. In terms of people disobeying the rules and guidelines, PF mentors are quick to ban people for multiple infractions. Also, the forum has a rather specific 'mission statement' in a sense. If you don't like how rule X is in place and start ranting about it and how it's stupid, that's another good way to have PFers wrath befall you.

    Beyond that, if you follow the rules, PFers are great people. If you're a student or curious and actually looking to learn, we have an infinite amount of patience and have people who have used PF to guide them through their entire college degree. It's a great resource when used properly :)
  5. micromass

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    I think people on here are quite tolerant, as long as you are open to other people their opinions and don't act like you know it all.

    If you're here to ask questions and enhance your understanding, then this forum is a great tool! However, if you're here to defend your pet theory and say that we're deluded nazis, then you will find us quite hostile.

    The mission of PF is to discuss science and promote science. And I think we're quite good at that. :smile:
  6. Evo

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    And don't get upset if I accidently ban you, I broke my glasses and if you are anywhere near the wrong member, well, I will do my best to bring you back. :blushing:

    sowwy micromass

  7. micromass

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    Your signature should be "Will ban for fun" :biggrin:
  8. lisab

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    The whole purpose of PF is to help students learn, so please don't feel like you're being an annoying, erm, person. Feel free to ask as much as you please. You never know, there are probably plenty of lurkers who will be thrilled that you have the guts to ask something they've been wondering about, too.

    Canned tuna? Oh no, the liability costs are just too high to use canned fish. I have a feeling we'll talk more of fish very soon :biggrin:.

    Welcome to PF, inception!
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  9. Evo

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    <sticks one billion GOOBF cards in micro's computer>



    micro, can you do the initiation ceremony please?
  10. micromass

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    Soooo... inception7... We need to talk :biggrin:

    Do you happen to like fish??? And what fish do you prefer?? Do you prefer large or small fishies? (large is better)
  11. rhody

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    Sorry, off topic for a second, Evo, you banned Micromass by mistake, that is funny :biggrin:, MM, you and Evo have made up right, no hard feelings ?!

    And for Pete's sake MM, go easy on inception, he is nervous as it is, no need to scare him off before he gets started. We have done that to more than a few lately...

  12. This won't work on me, as it turns out I am aware of this fish-slapping ritual for newcomers! :devil:

    I do often eat salmon, so I guess that makes it my favourite fish. :rolleyes:
  13. lisab

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    *lisab whacks inception upside the head with a nice oily Chinook*

    *lisab then gives the stunned fish to Penguinino (it's his birthday!)*
  14. Gah don't worry about, this forum is full of 'em :biggrin: If you ever want a break just come to GD :D ... or academic guidance and the learning section.
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  15. Femme_physics

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    *throws a can of tuna at inception*

  16. OmCheeto

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    /me throws 6 cans of perfectly good tuna at Inception.

    knowing of course that I can pick them all up, wipe off the blood, and eat the delightfully delicious tuna inside. nom nom nom. Oh, and hb peng. =8)
  17. rhody

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    Dogpiler... hehe...

    Rhody... o:)
  18. BobG

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    At first glance, I like this idea. The main drawback with the fish initiation is the damage it does to the fish. Throwing cans of tuna would seem to eliminate this drawback.

    You still have the problem of dents in the can that make it impossible to open the can with a can opener. You wind up having to stab the can over and over with a screwdriver, which almost always results in stabbing yourself in the leg (or at least that's what happens to me).

    I think the wiping the blood off part can be omitted, since the cans will be plenty bloody, anyway, by time you get them open.
  19. Evo

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    No, no throwing cans, we have to consider our member's safety (and lawsuits), with the selling of non-existant invisible art, soon lawsuits will start over the lopping of non-existant cans of fish, digitaly captured by non-existant cell phone cams.
  20. *Slaps inception7 with some reality to wake him up*

    Ahh now that I have your attention.

    *Slaps inception7 with salmon*

    Welcome to PF! Don't be hesitant to ask questions. As Sir Francis Bacon says, "Knowledge is Power" and the only way to gain knowledge is to ask questions. :)
  21. lisab

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    Hmm, I wonder if PETA is going to ever come after us for DITTDF (Doing Indignant Things To Dead Fish).
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