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I'm back, and planning to stay

  1. Mar 13, 2005 #1
    Greetings all,

    During the last few months, I've been neglecting PF a little, amongst other things. A little thing called real life kept getting in the way...

    I'm currently restructering my life a little, and I've decided this forum is entertaining, while all the while it keeps me close to my first priority & love, namely physics.

    So... to make a long story short, how have you all been? The first things that caught my eye was Evo's new avatar :bugeye: She somehow managed to grow more beautiful these last few months...

    Anyway, now that I'm back, I'll gladly lend my often-not-so-humble opinion to anything that may be discussed here :biggrin:
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    Welcome back Dimitri! Glad you've realized PF should be a priority over real life. :biggrin: :rofl:
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    :!!) :!!) DIMITRI!!!!!!!!! :!!) :!!)

    You let "real life" take precedence over PF life!!!! :surprised

    At least you understand the error of your ways. :approve:

    Welcome back!!! We have missed you so much!!!! (no one can flatter the way you can :blushing: )
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