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I'm Back and with a Mission!

  1. Oct 9, 2012 #1
    My mission: get into UCSD.

    WITHOUT going through the community college.

    I'm serious, take just one little class anywhere and UCSD will forever ban you from admission until you have 60, in other words, sign a 2 year contract with a community college.

    So I am writing a letter to the director to explain why I believe I merit special circumstances.

    Mind you, I am not begging to get in. I am begging for CONSIDERATION for admission. My ACT score, high school grades, and what little I have completed of college are not a deterrent.

    But if I should continue with community college, which is most unaccommodating to disabled students, that might change.

    Either way, I don't believe spending even one year at a school where one doesn't learn anything -- and gets bad grades to boot, despite the easiness -- is worthwhile.

    And I was not given a proper, informed chance to choose my path... *sighs* the so-called letter is almost a novel so far, that's how much I have to explain...

    Anyway, any suggestions/help?
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