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I'm back baby!

  1. Jan 3, 2004 #1
    Most of you probably weren't around when I was, but some of you might remember me. Just letting those that know me know I'll be around =) What's up? How's everyone been? Quick explination of where I've been - Joined the military, was without a computer for almost a year because I was in training, but now I'm where I'm gonna be stationed for the rest of my enlistment, so I got my computer here. If anyone ever has any questions about the military, considering joining or anything like that, feel free to ask me anything. I don't know everything, I've only been in about a year, but if I can't answer it I can probably find out. Also, quick question for anyone reading - can I use my own avatar on this site?
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    Yes you can

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    What's your specialty? Are ya gonna be a Fly Boy? (I WANT TO FLY!!!!! I've always wanted to get my pilot's license, but they went and made it a requirement that you have to be able to reach the pedals! )
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    I also spent a year in my military service very far away of my city
    Man, I don't envy you now!
    And I remember you from PF2 :smile:
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    Hey, do you remember me from the old Forum, "Timejim"??
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    Of course I remember you Timejim =) Tsunami - I'm not a flyer =/ Though Im' around them all the time. I work on the airplanes. The communication, navigation and mission systems electronics onboard. At Tinker I'm working on an e-3b Sentry AWACS. Many people in my job get their private pilots liscenses or go on to become officers and fly in the air force, because we learn so much about the airplanes that we learn how to fly one, just lack the experience.
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    Welcome back Theory Wizard :smile:. I, too, remember you, but you probably don't remember me.
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    Welcome back, TW

    If you could go back and make the decision to join over again, would you?
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    Well guess what, I typed out a 3500 character essay (lol) trying to answer your question, and my log in time expired so it got erased =( Anyways, to make it short and simple this time - Yes and no. It's really hard to explain as I found out trying to answer it the first time. If anyone is really interested in why I feel that way, like if anyone is interested in joining or whatever, I'd be glad to explain it to them much more in depth. It's not such an easy answer ;) Moving on... Of course I remember you mentat, how've you been? How about you enigma, things going well?
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    Tom Mattson

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    Wow, you go on a week-long holiday bender, and look what you miss.

    Hi, TW, welcome back.
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