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Homework Help: I'm confused!

  1. Nov 22, 2005 #1
    I read the book and looked through some sites but I don't seem to understand. I have a lab soon and I have to answer this question.

    What must be responsible for the pattern of tides that you see? Why?
    a. The moon orbits the earth once each day.
    b. the earth spins on its own axis once each day.

    I think it's (b) because i think the moon orbits the earth longer than a day...right?

    and another question:
    Hypothesize what would happen if the earth stopped spinning on its own axis. Which of the following would occur? (More than one answer is possible) Why?
    a. The pattern of tides would remain the same.
    b. There would be no tides.
    c. The temperature of the ocean would change.
    d. Circulation of ocean waters would decrease.

    I would think it would be b and d...but i'm not too sure why.
    THank you soooo much for helping~
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    Is it necessary for those to be "either-or" questions?
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    Think carefully. If the Earth rotates around its own axis once per day and the moon can orbit around Earth once per day, would there be tides? In fact, will some people in some places of the world ever see the moon?
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