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I'm Done

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    I'm Done!!!

    It's all OVER!

    I wrote my last exam today!

    I can't wait to start my next term though with my new organization skills. I started getting organized half through this term, and I have to say it paid off. I had no choice to organize myself because I was working like a madman, but I never thought I turn things around the way I did.

    I had a 75% average last year, and I'm most likely to get over 80% this term, which is big considering how much I worked. Now, next term, school comes first, so no more working. Hopefully, I'll get back to my good old days of Business School where I stood as one of or the top student of the class.

    Anyways, who just finished their exams, or when are you finishing them?

    LET'S CELEBRATE! :biggrin:

    ...Going to go pick up some PIZZA! Watch some TV, then nap. :biggrin:
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    Congratulations, Jason.

    Just don't over do it now. :biggrin:
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    I just finished today too. So far I have got 2 A's and 1 A+, I think I should get an A or A- in today's class, B at worst. Yay!!!!!!! A nap sounds good :smile:
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    I have the exact same situation. Today's exam is my worst class, which I'll probably get a B in. I'll wait and find out. :approve:
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    I just took my FIRST exam today. But i'm happy to say i think i did very well!! i've never felt so confident after a physics exam as i do today, i know i knew the stuff, hopefully i just didn't make any dumb errors. I get all done for the semester on weds... oy!
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    Oh boy, do I hate dumb errors.

    I'm trying to gain more confidence in my work though. Take my time and everything.
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    dumb errors are my specialty! i got marked down 20 points on my last math exam for missing negative signs in the answer. everything entirely right, just a missed sign. I probably go through my exams too fast, but i'm trying to take my time and check things these days too.
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    Yeah, I have similiar problems too, but I do check my work. That's the problem though. I check it too much. Ever since I've been losing marks for stupid stuff, I've tried to like include absolutely everything in it. I'm basically treating the marker like he or she is a little baby, and I have to explain every step because I always lose marks.

    Note: I lost marks for applying absolute values to prove something, and including the inequality that comes with it (for all real numbers). I even stated that it was a property of absolute values!!!

    I remember I lost marks in my Calculus I midterm because I put 2*7 = 19. I was going by so fast, I made that dumb mistake. :rofl: I did great on the midterm regardless though.
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