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Im English, what category do I fit into?

  1. Sep 13, 2005 #1
    I'm British and I'm in the 6th form (I'm 16, soon to turn 17 and doing A-Level Physics). Do I post my queries in the K-12 forum or the college forum?
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    As long as you post it in the homework section, it does not matter a lot.
    Look over the type questions asked in each forum to see where your own might belong best, if you want to do it "right".
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    Sounds like you're doing the work that would correspond to an American community college.

    So go with college.
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    Okay, thanks alot. Done =)
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    College = university.

    K-12 = everything before university.

    :biggrin: Does that help?

    But, at your level, either forum is probably okay.
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