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I'm feeling depressed

  1. Oct 21, 2009 #1
    My plan is to major in mechanical, electrical, or computer engineering. I'm also considering computer science. All of those majors are in my university's school of engineering. One requirement for engineering school is to take general chemistry which is what I'm doing right now for my first semester. I did pretty bad on my first two exams so I'm not feeling too confident about getting a good grade in that class. It's not that I don't like chemistry, but it's more of that chemistry doesn't like me. :-\ In all seriousness though, I guess I'm just not putting enough effort into that class. I need to practice solving chemistry problems everyday instead of the night and morning before an exam.

    Do graduate schools and employers view that as a bad thing when someone retakes a class? I'm pretty sure the transcript only shows your better grade but it still marks you as retaking the class. Anyone have any ideas on this?

    However, if I do pass the class but still end up having a bad grade, would graduate schools and employers really care about how well I did in chemistry during my 1st year considering chemistry isn't really that important for the majors I'm planning on going into?
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    I doubt it. Most people manage to blow up one (or even more) course as an undergrad. You should be glad (glad perhaps isn't the right term...what i mean to say is you shouldn't be depressed over it) this particular course has nothing much to do with your major ;p
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    Sorry to comment on your thread, but I am kinda in your boat. I am taking Gen Chem right now. Boy did I bomb my first two exams. If anything I am really learning the material, well I think I am.. then I take a test..

    Wel. rubrix has made me feel at ease about my chem grade..
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    lol, I bombed my first chem exam too.
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    Not necessarily. But one needs to do much better the second time.

    Not really. If one does poorly one semester, then hopefully the next semester show improvement. Doing poorly the last semester would be iffy. Graduate schools may be less picky than employers.

    Employers need proficient and reliable employees.
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    And graduate schools need warm bodies. :tongue:
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    Do you know if you school has a special thing for freshman. I know at my university they have a freshman retake where if you fail a class during your freshman year, you can retake the class with no penalty.
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